Television Isn't About Ratings Anymore, Apparently

Television isn't just about ratings anymore. Or, at least, that's what the CW's president Dawn Ostroff is telling journalists on the Television Critics Association press tour. But what has changed things enough for her to admit that?

Ostroff told journalists, "We're no longer looking at digital pennies, we have achieved digital dollars... The days of waking up and looking at the overnight ratings are gone, especially for the younger demographic." Of course, it's easy to say this when your ratings are CW-sized, but the network's TCA presentation emphasized both broadcast and online airing equally, something that I wouldn't be surprised to see becoming a trend sooner rather than later; between iTunes, Hulu and individual network and show sites, there are now many recognized, legal ways to watch shows online, and with the launch of Hulu Plus, more seemingly-accepted ways to monetize that experience. Who would've thought that it'd be the internet, and not DVD, that proved to be the first gamechanger for broadcasters?

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