Television Is <i>The Crux</i> For Kevin Spacey

Is Kevin Spacey saddling up alongside Dexter Morgan, Tara Gregson and Nurse Jackie? That could well be the case as the actor has reportedly taken a television pitch to Showtime.

New York Magazine reports that Spacey has pitched the network on The Crux, a drama series where Spacey would play the leader of an extremely high profile cult. Rod Lurie of Straw Dogs is writing the pilot script.

The major obstacle standing in Spacey's way is his schedule. The actor shoots several films every year and also has his obligations as the artistic director of London's Old Vic Theatre to consider. Still, Spacey is the one who apparently brought the television pitch to Showtime's doorstep, indicating that he's willing to make things work despite his hectic schedule.

Showtime might not be the only home for The Crux, as Deadline reports that Spacey is shopping the project around to other networks including HBO, Starz and FX. That very fact should indicate that Spacey very much wants The Crux to get off the ground.

Sources: New York Magazine & Deadline

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