"Tekken" kicks off a new Comic Book with Image Central

Official Press Release

LOS ANGELES - Image Comics is proud to announce the January, 2002 launch of "Tekken Forever" the newest comic book project by the people who bring you the popular "10th Muse" and "Dollz" comics.

"Tekken Forever", based on the hit Tekken video game from Namco, will be a monthly 4-issue mini-series from Image Comics, produced by TidalWave Studios and Dark Design Works. On board is Paco Diaz whose credits include Marvel Comics' "Deadpool" and Acclaim's " Magnus: Robot Fighter." Written by Dave Chi. Colors and inks by Dark Design Works.

"Tekken Forever" is the story of the quest to find out who is "Unknown", the final boss of the Tekken Tag Tournament. This is the question all Tekken fans have been craving to have answered. All will be revealed in the "Tekken Forever" miniseries. Writer Dave Chi says, "Speculation of who she is and her origin have been running wild since her debut". Chi continues. "Yeah! It won't be some "what if ?" or dream either. It is not something that most fans would have predicted and it will stun even the most hardened Tekken fan."

Artist Paco Diaz states "I can't wait for this miniseries to be on the shelf. I loved drawing this book, especially since the video game is such a big hit. The comic is destined to be one as well."

Anthony Bozzi, Director of Marketing for Image Comics said, "We are having a tremendous amount of success with "Tomb Raider". We know that "Tekken" will further our ability to reach new comics fans."

Darren G. Davis, President of TidalWave Studios said, " I have played the Tekken videogame since the beginning. It is an exciting title for us and will transform into a great comic book property". Davis added, "The entire miniseries will be completed before it gets solicited, so there is no possibility of this book being late. We also have plans for the Tekken characters to make an appearance in the TidalWave world".

Issue #1 will have two covers, one by Paco Diaz and the other by "10th Muse" artist Roger Cruz. To view the artwork please visit tidalwavestudios.com or tekkencomics.com.

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