"Teenagers From Mars" Collection Coming this December

Official Press Release

In 2001, writer Rick (Detective Comics) Spears and artist Rob (The Couriers) G. unleashed Teenagers From Mars on the unsuspecting world. Now the complete hit series is being collected into one volume by GIGANTIC Graphic Novels.

First some history, straight out of the gate the Teenagers From Mars series racked up critical success and won the endorsements of many comic book pros. People like Larry Young, publisher of AIT/Planet Lar, sang the book's praises, "Man, I liked this comic. And so will you…Here's an auspicious debut book by a couple of guys who didn't listen to the naysayers telling them that no one would care about their little comic book confection. They just went ahead and did it. I love that." Dave Sim, creator of the long running comic book Cerebus, proclaimed, "This is one of the best "inside comics" comics I've seen." The internet also buzzed with love for the series from Comic Book Resources and Newsarama, to Variety.com. Ain't It Cool News stated, "Teenagers From Mars is by far the best comic currently being published. If you're not reading TFM, what the hell is wrong with you?" As word spread, the fans responded and the issues vanished from store shelves. "The quality of Teenagers From Mars is undeniable. My staff and myself have had astounding success introducing the title to new readers," said James Sime, owner of The ISOTOPE in San Francisco, where Teenagers From Mars routinely outsells big titles like Batman and X-men. "I had no doubt that sales were going to be astounding. Even so, I was shocked to see the numbers the book actually did at my store," stated Sime.

For those new to the series, "Teenagers From Mars is a story about kids getting in trouble and falling in love. It's about a rolled up comic book stuffed in one back pocket with a still warm slingshot crammed in the other. It's about making comics dangerous again", explains Spears. He continues, "It's about this kid, Macon, a young comic book artist, who is targeted by the local censors for obscenity, so he targets back. With the help of Max, a grave robbing thirteen-year-old, and Madison, the strong and independent punk beauty, he forms the world's first comic book liberation army."

Now, all the impossible to find issues are being collected into one giant 272 page volume to be published by GIGANTIC Graphic Novels. "This is how it was meant to be read," said Spears. "Just one massive, blood splattered tale of romance, vandalism and comics."

TEENAGERS FROM MARS, a 272 page black and white graphic novel with a full-color cover, will be available from GIGANTIC Graphic Novels February 2005 at the finest comic shops for $19.95.

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