Teenage Satan: It's all in the family

Darwyn Cooke was one of the headliners at Boston Comic Con this weekend, but he wasn't the only Cooke in the convention center. Wife Marsha and niece Candis dropped in on his panel to announce a project of their own: Teenage Satan, a digital comic they are creating along with artist Stephanie Buscema (granddaughter of John). The trailer above was animated by Darwyn Cooke, who worked in animation before turning his hand to comics.

The comic, which includes games and music, is a lighthearted, teen-friendly cartoon about an "emo sparkle Satan." Teenage Satan is the son of Lucifer and his wife, Jezebel, and because this is hell, he is making his father's life miserable—wait, that sounds like real life! Actually, we know it's hell because he is making his father miserable by wanting to be good. Lucifer and Jezebel have been homeschooling their little devil, but when he hits ninth grade they decide to send him to high school. So with no prior experience with human interaction, Teenage Satan suddenly has to deal with all the travails of high school, including being bullied and having a crush on a girl who only has eyes for another.

Teenage Satan can be accessed as an app, via the website, or "through one of our distribution partners," Marsha Cooke said, which presumably means a digital distributor such as comiXology, iVerse, or Graphicly. It will launch in September and will update daily with a mix of comics, games (such as 666 sudoku) and other content. Interestingly, the comic has an end date—December 22, 2012.

The inspiration for Teenage Satan came at Dragon Con, Marsha Cooke said: "We were walking through Dragon Con, and there were kids with their phones, and I was thinking, 'I can't believe they are playing Angry Birds with phones at a comic con.'"

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