Teen Wolf Showrunner Has A Dark Knight Returns-Inspired Revival Idea

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Although MTV's Teen Wolf just concluded its six-season run this past Sunday, showrunner Jeff Davis is already toying with possible spinoff ideas.

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When the show first premiered back in 2011, post Twilight, it quickly became a hit for MTV, a network that was in the midst of trying to revamp itself with the addition of scripted programming. And although ratings continued to decline with each new season, the show managed to develop a cult following online. So it was rather surprising when during Comic Con International last year, the network announced that they would be ending the series after season six.

While discussing the show's ending, Davis was asked about the possibility of reviving the series down the line and whether he'd had any ideas he'd want to explore should a revival happen. According to Davis, there is one idea he had that took inspiration from The Dark Knight Returns: having Tyler Posey's Scott McCall lead a new pack of proteges. After all, for Davis, there just isn't Teen Wolf without Posey -- who just booked a series regular gig on MTV's third season of Scream.

The only idea I had in my mind is if you set it in a completely new place. It’s so hard for me to see a “Teen Wolf” revival without Tyler Posey. The idea I could see happening is Tyler as the Professor X character, and he brings in a whole new crew of werewolves and teenagers and they’re his new pack under his tutelage. I could see that, sort of like how the Dark Knight Returns comic book ends where old Bruce Wayne has a whole new team of proteges to train. I could see that, that would be fun. And I know Posey would probably be up for it.

Interestingly enough, although MTV has not officially talked about any possible Teen Wolf spinoffs on the small screen, they did announce earlier back in July that they would be continuing the series as a Podcast after taking inspiration from true crime series Serial. The podcast series will feature new characters and will see Davis' continued involvement, even as he turns his attention to adapting War of the Worlds for MTV next.

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Running for six seasons on MTV, Teen Wolf starred Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, and Arden Cho.

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