Teen with Down syndrome launches comics vending machine

Here's an inspirational story to help start off your day: CBS 3 Philadelphia spotlights Chris Romberger, a 19-year-old with Down syndrome and autism who's not only doing well at his job at Villanova University's student cafeteria, he's even started his own business -- with a custom-made comic book vending machine.

When Romberger, a Spider-Man fan, was taken to a comic store by job coach Chris Haas, he instantly loved it. However, couldn't afford to open one of his own, so he and Haas came up with an alternative: a vending machine that operates under the banner of Comic Man Comics and Books.

Although Haas bills it as "the world's first comic book vending machine," Japan has been using them for some time. However, Romberger's may indeed be the first to offer single-issue comics.


While Comic Man Comics and Books has only been in operation for a few weeks, CBS 3 says he's already sold several issues. Romberger, whose mother once worried for his future, now has his sights set on additional vending machines.

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