Teen Titans, X-Men 3, Asterix, Superman Returns: November 28th Comic Reel Wrap


it's being reported by numerous sources (Titans Tower, TitansGo.net, Toon Zone) that Cartoon Network has decided to pass on a sixth season for the animated series, leading to a petition drive to save the show.


XMenFilms.net is rumormongering that Dr. Hank McCoy's physical appearance will be a plot point and a metaphor for people with body issues. "Recently discovered info reveals that Kelsey Grammer's BEAST will have one of the most interesting roles in 'X3.' Not due to his blue fur or his amazing acrobatics, but due to his point of view in the film. Brett Ratner's 'X3' will really dig deep into the minds of mutants who are not blessed with 'normal' looks. Halle Berry's Storm, and Hugh Jackman's Wolverine can easily go out into public, and not be feared based off their looks, but what about the mutants who have more physical mutations? How do they think? We got a taste of it in 'X2,' with the interesting exchange of words between Rebecca Romijn's Mystique and Alan Cumming's Nightcrawler, and now that very subject will be busting at the seams in the third chapter, with Beast and other groups of 'strange' looking mutants. Even though he's lived with his mutation for some time, Grammer's Beast will still be struggling with his physical self. Dark blue, gray, black fur, and strong animal-like features aren't exactly looked upon as 'normal' and at times in the film we will see him questioning something that might be able to help his problems. Expect knock-out acting scenes shared between Grammer and Patrick Stewart's Professor X, Ian McKellen's Magneto, and Storm, among others we can't name yet."

Superhero Hype also has a brief note about a spoiler in the new "Fantastic Four" DVD. In the world of random website notes. Doug Lennox' web site says that he just finished shooting with Hugh Jackman on the film, that custom props are being made by Sword and Stone and Sounds Online notes that composer Nick Phoenix made the music for the upcoming trailer.


The Hindustan Times is reporting that actress Aishwarya Rai and martial arts star Jean Claude van Damme will be in the next film "Asterix and Obelix at the Olympic Games."


According to the Daily Telegraph, Clark Kent has left the country. Including quotes from director Bryan Singer, the article talks about the massive production leaving Australia.

There's also an article in 20/20 Magazine noting that Kate Bosworth will be wearing Damone-brand glasses for her role as Lois Lane.


Comics Continuum has an update on the Event Comics adaptation. It comes to Sci Fi Network on December 10, and alongside numerous images from the production, there's a somewhat spoileresque network description as well.


Kryptonsite has the TV Guide description for the upcoming episode "Lexmas."


The web-spinning sequel is moving into Santa Clarita, according to the city's film office, in particular at a location called Mystery Mesa.


The Comic Reel received an email from "Common Foe" co-creator Shannon Denton, who was the featured comic professional in a fictionalized comics convention for the NBC TV show "Vegas" (perhaps CBR's own Vegas-area pro Steven Grant was busy). "I got the gig after being contacted through production designer Rich Toyon," Denton said. "It was fantastic working with Rich, show creator Gary, director Chris and the VFX team from Stargate ... and getting flown out to meet with the actresses wasn't bad either! It also turns out Josh Duhamel originally wanted to do what I do for a living. I explained to him repeatedly he made the right choice as he walked off to shoot his scene with Laura Flynn Boyle and I walked off to draw alone in my office for several days." In any case, we have eighteen images from the show for your viewing pleasure, as well as previous interviews with Denton and CBR alumni Rob Worley on their work.


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