• The tale of Wonder Girl joining the Teen Titans is a bizarre one! 1 / 12

  • Wonder Girl was introduced as Wonder Woman's past teenage self who then teamed up with her future self! 2 / 12

  • However, she then joined the Teen Titans a few years later. 3 / 12

  • For the first time, she was a distinct character. This was seen as a careless mistake by Bob Haney. 4 / 12

  • However, Wonder Girl's appearances in Wonder Woman only barely mentioned her being Wonder Woman as a teen. 5 / 12

  • She was basically treated as a distinct character in Wonder Woman comics. 6 / 12

  • Eventually, they stopped adding the disclaimer of her being Wonder Woman as a teen period! 7 / 12

  • And she would just have her own, distinct adventures as a character. 8 / 12

  • She soon was starring in issues herself without any explanation other than her being a teen hero. 9 / 12

  • Right around the time Haney was introducing the Teen Titans, Wonder Girl was clearly a distinct character. 10 / 12

  • Therefore, Haney could be a close reader of Wonder Woman and STILL think Wonder Girl was her own character. 11 / 12

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