Teen Titans: The 10 Craziest Villains, Ranked

The Teen Titans have a number of villains, and really, ten is nowhere near the number of villains that they are facing on a daily basis. They have villains that are against the entire team, but because they are such a big team, they also have their own individual villains.

Robin especially is someone who has a lot of his own personal villains. It makes a lot of sense considering Batman is his mentor, and Batman has plenty of his own villains that are worth mentioning.

However, we're not here to talk about Batman. We're here to rank the major villains from the Teen Titans, from sanest to the craziest and most ruthless villains. It was a hard list to muster up since they have so many, but we bet you can actually guess who number one is!

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Jinx was once at the H.I.V.E Academy along with many other villains. Her very first mission was when she was employed by Slade to defeat the Titans.

She was part of the group that forced the Titans out of their tower but were obviously forced out and defeated by the Titans. She is not one of the most threatening villains, but she appears enough to make her a constant villain to the Titans.



Brother Blood is a very intelligent villain, but his paranoia sometimes weakens him. He is often seen trying to take down Cyborg, but he's not all that scary in his attempt to do so.

Despite the fact that he is a villain, he is actually an incredibly good teacher. He is very strict and expects a lot, but he also takes the time to goof around with his students. He's a villain that shows a lighter side. He is able to goof around because of his charisma, and that's the reason why his students actually appreciate him.


Plasmus is basically a villain to the Titans primarily because of the way he looks. He is a mutant monster, and although he is human, when he's awake he transforms into a massive purple monster.

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When he's in custody, prison workers have to make sure not to make any noise when they're on their shifts so he won't transform. He is a default villain, as every superhero team ends up needing one big gooey monster to fight during the day.


Blackfire is the older sister of Starfire, and she is her exact opposite in every possible way. She is conniving, immoral, ruthless, sadistic, and makes it her life mission to destroy Starfire in every possible way.

Blackfire is a villain in every sense of the world, and she never gets along with Starfire. They have never gotten along, but Starfire gets tricked by her a few times when Blackfire pretends to be nice to her. Starfire is often quite down on the fact that she and her sister can't get along, as she feels like she missed out on something, but Blackfire doesn't share the same sentiment.


Warp is a villain who travels from the future, whose only mission in life is to steal from the past and bring things to the future.

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He steals artifacts that are priceless in his time. He isn't exactly the most dangerous of villains, but he is considered quite crazy among the Titans. Every time he comes back to steal something or fights the Titans, he says that it is his destiny because it is "foretold in the future".


Psimon is a very interesting and mysterious character, as nothing is known of where he is from or where or how he got his powers.

He joined the Brotherhood of Evil and he made it his mission to destroy superheroes all over the world. He ended up teaming up with other villains to take down Raven, and even ended up being able to banish her. Raven eventually comes back, but Psimon is a very formidable villain.


Mammoth was part of a trio from the H.I.V.E Academy who ended up being employed by Slade. Slade needed them to help him destroy the Titans, and he used the opportunity as a graduation test for them.

Slade almost got what he wanted, as Mammoth and his friends took over the Titans Tower. They were, of course, eventually defeated, and because of that became unemployed and even had to redo their last period at the academy.


Cheshire is an acrobat and an extremely good martial artist. She is also very fast, as, during her battle against Speedy, she was able to dodge all of his arrows.

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She ended up defeating him, but of course, eventually, the Titans overpowered her. She uses her own body as power, using her ponytail as a whip, and her hands as claws. She is even able to turn invisible and is exceptionally fast when she's running on all fours.


Trigon is Raven's father, and he is a demon whose sole purpose is to take over the entire universe. He is probably the most powerful villain that the Titans ever have to face, considering his demonic energy.

He will use anyone to get what he wants and doesn't seem to have a fatherly bone in his body when it comes to Raven. He has even manipulated Slade into doing what he wants. Although he is arguably the most powerful supervillain that they ever face, there is someone who is a little bit crazier than him.



Deathstroke, or Slade, is an extremely calm villain and he is often compared to Robin because of that very fact. He is the main antagonist of the Teen Titans, but more importantly, of Robin. He is intimidating, sadistic, and basically pure evil.

He's a lot like Robin in that he is equally determined to get what he wants. Because no one truly knows how he is in terms of his personality, that actually makes him all the scarier. He is a very famous villain and has been adapted a number of times because of the interest behind him. Some of the best fights of all time have to do with him and Robin.

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