The Teen Titans Traitor Reveals His Plan - and Dooms a Titan Forever

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Teen Titans #35, by Adam Glass and Bernard Chang, on sale now.

Teen Titans #35 reveals the truth behind the series' growing storyline concerning a traitor on the team. In following up from the previous issue, Djinn's missing ring is revealed to be in the possession of none other than team member Roundhouse, who can also control Djinn herself by using it. With the enemy in their midst revealed, the Teen Titans learn the truth behind their former friend, at the cost of someone else.

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Teen Titans: The Origin of Roundhouse

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Roundouse (Billy Wu), through controlling Djinn, incapacitates the various Titans and incarcerates them in the rehabilitative prison that Damian created to house villains. From there, Roundhouse reveals his then mostly unknown back story, as well as his personal vendetta against Robin.

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Roundhouse had been deeply close with his twin sister Claire, who was far more studious and successful than he had been at that point. One day, as the two walked home from school, a nearby building blew up. The ensuing debris had two disastrous effects. Toxic chemicals that had been in the building collided with Billy, mutating him into the blue skinned metamorph Roundhouse. Unfortunately, the collateral damage had also fallen on top of Claire, who died as her brother mutated uncontrollably.

Out of the corner of his eye, Billy saw none other than Robin, who was completely unaware of he and his sister's plight, simply jumping away from the situation. Robin was actually in a desperate situation himself, attempting to defeat Scarecrow singlehandedly while Batman was off with the Justice League. This explanation, however, wasn't good enough for Roundhouse.

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Fall of a Titan

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A deeply depressed Roundhouse, whose family life was now ruined, eventually befriended Wallace, the new Kid Flash. He convinced Billy to join the newest incarnation of the Teen Titans, though Roundhouse secretly became angry upon seeing that Robin was the leader of the team. Seeing Robin as a selfish control freak who cares nothing about the consequences of his actions, Roundhouse takes the Boy Wonder to ask over his prison, as well as his using Djinn to forcibly rehabilitate villains from their criminal ways. The team comes to agree with Roundhouse about Robin's less than heroic tactics. Robin even attempts to make amends, but his less than humble assurance that he forgives Roundhouse sends him into a further rage.

Since Robin had taken someone from him, Roundhouse planned to do the same thing to Robin. Since Damian and Djinn had grown somewhat close in previous issues, Roundhouse commands her to re-enter her ring... forever! This command appears to be irreversible, trapping the mystical Teen Titan in her ring without hope of escape. A remorseful Roundhouse tries to claim that he only did it out of anger, but now the other Titans are as emotional as he is. An enraged Crush attacks the traitorous Roundhouse without remorse, but the deed is already done. Future issues may find a way to once again get the genie out of the bottle -- or rather, ring -- but for now, the team has essentially lost two members in one day.

Teen Titans #35 is available now.

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