Teen Titans to Meet Powerpuff Girls in Cartoon Network Crossover

The Teen Titans will team up with the Powerpuff Girls in a crossover airing next month on Cartoon Network.

Although details are slim, USA Today reports the episode will find Powerpuff Girls arch enemy Mojo Jojo causing trouble in the "Teen Titans Go!" setting of Jump City, which brings Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup to town.

While Cyborg and Beat Boy think Mojo Jojo is pretty cool for a talking monkey, the episode will see the Powerpuff Girls compete with Robin, Starfire and Raven to determine who has the better team. Fans can also look forward to the debut of a new song, "Monkey Army."

No date has been announced for the crossover.

"Teen Titans Go!" is now in its third season. The rebooted "Powerpuff Girls" series debuted just last month.

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