Comic Legends: Which Teen Titan Was Created as a Supergirl Fill-In?

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Geoff Johns and Tony Daniel invented a new Teen Titan when they were denied the use of Supergirl.



In 2003, Geoff Johns, Mike McKone and Marlo Alquiza launched the hit series, "Teen Titans," which consisted of a merger between the cast of "Young Justice" (Superboy, Wonder Girl, Impulse and Robin) with a few members of the original "New Teen Titans" (Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy).

That lineup remained fairly consistent for the first three years of the series, but when DC had their "One Year Later" event after "Infinite Crisis," Johns (who by then was working on the book with Tony Daniel and Kevin Conrad) decided to mix things up a bit.


One of the people that he wanted to add to the Teen Titans was Supergirl. However, at the same time, Supergirl was set to show up as a sales boost to the then newly launched THIRD incarnation of the Legion of Superheroes. Amusingly enough, her debut happened in their "1000 Years Later" issue...

So Johns was told that it would be too confusing for her to be on both teams, even though the Supergirl in the "Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes" series was obviously a "lost in the future" version of the character. In addition, though, Johns was specifically looking for the classic version of Supergirl, not the one that was appearing at the time, who was going through a bit of a "rebel" phase.


So instead, as Johns told Newsarama back in 2007:

[S]o we thought — oh, we’ll just make up our own alien character. And if we would have made Supergirl up, maybe we would have made her more like this. And we just came up with the idea — a hero with a mysterious background as a White Martian, but making her a very delicate character who got her feelings hurt really bad.

Yep, it was Miss Martian!

Amusingly enough, Supergirl ended up joining the Teen Titans by "Teen Titans" #50...

But now teammates WITH Miss Martian!

Thanks to Geoff Johns and Vaneta Rogers for the information!

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