Teen Titans, Smallville, Batman Begins 2: The Comic Reel Wrap for October 12th


Has he got a thing for speedsters now? "Smallville" star Michael Rosenbaum is going to be doing some moonlighting as Kid Flash on the hit animated series, according to Comics Continuum. Astute fans might also remember that Rosenbaum gives voice to the adult Flash on the "Justice League" series as well.


Kryptonsite has new photos of the upcoming episode "Aqua," this time featuring James Marsters in his full collegiate "finery." The 'site also has the network's official description of the October 20th episode "Thirst."

Meanwhile, there's more season five spoilers over at TV Guide Online.


Dark Horizons has a set of possible spoilers about casting, characters and more for the next Christian Bale-fueled Bat flick.

In other news, irector Christopher Nolan was interviewed by About.com and said "Batman Continues?" Not so much. "Well, it certainly won't be called that. That's the title most commonly thrown at me. Actually, I have been talking to the studio and to David Goyer about directions for a sequel because we're certainly very excited still about the world we were able to dive into and the characters we were able to put on screen. It's a pretty interesting bunch of people and an interesting place, so we're definitely talking about places we would take it."


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