Teen Titans, Sin City, Batman, Mutant X, more: February 3rd Comic Reel Wrap


Mediasharx's Marcus Ferrell emailed us to let us know they have the Cartoon Network's details about February sweeps episodes of the manga-influenced animated series, including the return of Terra.


Ricardo D. Martins emailed us with a link to Brazilian site Omelete, showing off some images from the Enki Bilal adaptation.


Dark Horizons has preproduction notes on plans to adapt Frank Miller's noir masterpiece. "Robert Rodriguez's Troublemaker Studios is rumoured to be working on a film adaptation of Frank Miller's comic which Robert himself might direct. Cinematography wise there's apparently going to be a unique tri-colour/high contrast method to filming whilst casting wise Josh Hartnett may have already tested."


Batman-on-Film has word from one of their sources who claims that Morgan Freeman rumors are groundless. The site says: "'I seriously doubt that Morgan Freeman is up for Gordon,' says a trusted BOF source. 'He is 66 which is obviously too old for the late-40ish Sgt. Gordon that will appear in the upcoming film. Plus, I believe that Freeman's plate might be too full in 2004 for any role in 'Batman.' Now that's just my opinion, but it is an educated one based on what I've been hearing.' After doing some checking, it does seem that Freeman may be too busy for 'Batman.' He is scheduled to star in 'Long Walk To Freedom' sometime in 2004 and has just finished or is near completing his work in 'Freedomland.' Also, 'Colors Straight Up' is on his schedule -- but listed as being in turn-around -- as well as 'Edison.' If Freeman is indeed up for a role in Batman, it may be more likely that it's for the smaller part of Lucius Fox -- which wouldn't take up as much of his time for filming. BOF has heard from more than one source that Freeman is indeed up for Lucius Fox, but some have questioned why he would take such a small role. With filming set to begin in a matter of weeks, we should soon find out if Freeman is going to be in this film -- as well as who will fill the rest of the cast."


Comics Continuum has spoilers by way of a synopsis and photos from the new episode in syndication this week, "Conspiracy Theory."


School's out forever -- Animation Insider reports that the Kids WB series will not be picked up for an additional season.


The war of Web sites continues. Kryptonsite has episode descriptions for "Velocity," "Hereafter," "Obsession," "Resurrections" and "Crisis," which takes the series through February sweeps. Meanwhile Devoted to Smallville has spoilers for Christopher Reeve's return in the April 14th episode, "Legacy," as well as a scan of TV Guide's story about Wonder Woman coming to the show and a scan of Sam "Poncho" Jones III in Bop Magazine.


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