The Great 'Whoops, Forget We Said That' Teen Titans Edits of 2012

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DC edited out comments that suggested that the Teen Titans existed before the New 52 (plus Robin's history).



Recently, I discussed in a Comic Book Legends Revealed installment that Scott Lobdell initially started writing the Teen Titans as if it were a continuation of the previous Teen Titans volume.

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DC, though, told him that they wanted to start from scratch and so the Teen Titans in this series (by Lobdell, Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund) would now be the FIRST Teen Titans team in DC continuity.

My pal Bill Walko, founder of the iconic Teen Titans history site, Titans Tower, mentioned to me that it was interesting that while DC made this sweeping declaration that the Teen Titans didn't exist before this series, DC was a bit unclear about that fact when the New 52 first started.

The most prominent example was Roy Harper, a former Teen Titan in the old continuity, met Starfire (also a former Teen Titan) and he mentioned a number of other former Teen Titans...

Also, in Batwoman #1, Batwoman's ally, Bette Kane, mentioned HER history as a former Teen Titan...

Meanwhile, in Teen Titans #1, Red Robin was looking at some videos of other teen heroes, such as Static, Beast Boy and Miss Martian...

In that same issue, Red Robin mentioned his past as Robin...

Well, obviously, that didn't fit with some of the New 52's take on DC history, like if Batman's history was now suddenly a lot more condensed, he couldn't very well have had FOUR Robins, now could he? And, of course, Bette Kane couldn't have been a Teen Titan since they didn't exist until Teen Titans #1. Similarly, Miss Martian wasn't part of continuity (and Beast Boy wasn't green initially).

The Red Hood bit was more on the vague side of things, so it was allowed to stay, but DC then edited out all the other stuff when they collected the stories into trade.

So Bette Kane's past was changed...

Miss Martian was no longer on the monitor...

And Tim was never Robin...

Of course, DC then reversed course on pretty much all of this, but for a time, this was the deal!

Thanks to Bill Walko for reminding me of this bit.


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