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Meme Titans Go!: 15 Hilarious Teen Titans Memes

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Meme Titans Go!: 15 Hilarious Teen Titans Memes

The Teen Titans have had their massive history in the comics, but it wasn’t until a deal with Cartoon Network brought a show of the same name to the general audience. Featuring brilliant character development, fluid animation, and stories that were respectful of the source material, Teen Titans was a hit until it was abruptly canceled after the betrayal of Terra. In its place, Cartoon Network has put together Teen Titans Go!, a less than average reboot of the series that is more focused on comedy than anything else. Love it or hate it, that’s where the Teen Titans are. Because of how successful the show has been for them, it’s likely that it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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The Teen Titans, due to this rocky history, has been subject to a lot of jokes over the years, and one of the most popular forms of this sort of comedy is memes. Able to be created within seconds, they’re cheap and easy ways of expressing an opinion through some sort of brutal honesty or bitter sarcasm, and the Teen Titans have seen their fair share of it. We’ve collected our 15 favorite Teen Titans memes for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.


It’s ironic how one of the most widely despised shows in history makes reference to a brand that has spawned one of the most widely despised movie franchises in history. When Cyborg talks about music transforming people, Raven then suggests that she can be a literal transformer like Optimus Prime. Wanting to be one step ahead, Cyborg says that he is already Optimus Prime and that she can be Bumblebee instead.

Considering the massive popularity of Bumblebee due to the Michael Bay Transformers films of the past few years, we’d have to imagine that he’d be a little upset about being second pick. After all, when his leader is automatically selected over him, he can’t help but feel that they’re being a little botist. Shame on you, Teen Titans.


Many people point to the original Teen Titans as one of the greatest shows on television for its stellar character moments, sinister villains, and great overall direction. What a lot of people tend to forget (as pointed out by this meme) is that Teen Titans was also a comedy show and had its fair share of facepalm moments. It was, after all, marketed toward children.

To be fair, a lot of the comedy in the show was more well-deserved and didn’t take up the entirety of the series. Still, there were many moments of lowbrow humor and crass jokes. Does this make Teen Titans any less of a good show? Probably not, but it’s important to remember everything that it did rather than just love it because it’s better than Teen Titans Go!.


When it was first announced that the Teen Titans would be returning to Cartoon Network in the form of Teen Titans Go!, there was a lot of skepticism to go around. After all, the art style was drastically different from the original show and communicated a message that the writers and animators weren’t going to try as hard. Needless to say, many people instantly hated the art style and for good reason.

As you consider a lot of the fan reactions to how our favorite characters looked for the new show, this meme perfectly sums up their thought process. Not only is it terrifying at first glance, but it’s so horrible that it needs to be burned before it lays eggs and we have to get other shows inspired by it.


Teen Titans Go! may be a current problem, but nothing lasts forever. Someday, way down the line, the show will end and be little more than a distant memory that no one will look back on fondly. Then, when people ask what was our most hated cartoon back in the day, we’ll call upon Patrick Star to tell it like it is.

As opposed to telling the story of the Ugly Barnacle, he will instead tell the story of how Teen Titans Go! was so horrible that everyone died. The end. Regardless of whether the story helped or not, the worst part about that whole speech is the fact that many of us are still alive to see how painfully bad the show can be at times.


Robin, being the leader of the Teen Titans, often has more responsibility than the rest of the members on his team of teens. One episode of the old show saw him training for combat away from Titans Tower. In his absence, the rest of the team managed to get into his room and steal his costumes so they could all pretend to be just like him.

One of the best moments of the episode is when Cyborg catches Beast Boy and Starfire dressed like their fearless leader. When he starts the conversation to seemingly reprimand them, he simply starts complaining that they tried to do it without him. The episode then continues as you’d expect, with every member of Titans Tower dressed up like Robin.


Let’s be honest. Raven invented being a savage before being a savage was actually cool. Most of her witty jokes were directed at Beast Boy, who responded to them so perfectly each time (which, of course, encouraged her to do it more). One episode saw Starfire’s sister, Blackfire, come to Titans Tower from Tamaran to engage with the team.

When she first talks to Beast Boy, he cracks a joke that she laughs at. Of course, Beast Boy sees this as a clear indicator that she thinks he’s funny. Raven simply responds with “statistically, someone has to.” Anyone in this situation would make the exact same face that Beast Boy does in the very last panel. Cheer up little guy, you are not alone in this whole situation.


Snickers came up with some interesting commercials involving people acting like ugly, ridiculous versions of themselves until they have a bite of that delicious candy bar that is being advertised. Of course, meme culture has picked up on this commercial to create some amazing jokes, and that includes them picking on the Teen Titans.

The meme starts out with the Teen Titans Go team basically doing what they do best (literally anything but being superheroes) until Slade comes in and offers them a Snickers. After they take a bite, we see them turn back into their old Teen Titans selves from the cartoon. It’s likely that Slade just wanted to fight a team that was worth the effort rather than face a team that didn’t do anything.


Only the entire cast of the Teen Titans could effectively have some relation to cinnamon rolls and have it make sense at the same time. Even in the old show, there was a lot of times where food was a common theme. That’s the big reason that this meme works so well- it plays around with a concept that is reminiscent of the show’s spirit.

Of course, the only logical step from there would be to compare every Teen Titan to cinnamon rolls. We won’t individually discuss each and every one, but anyone who has seen the show knows that the statements are spot on. We’re big fans of how Cyborg would probably kill you by feeding you too many cinnamon rolls. He does love his food.


Once Terra was introduced in Teen Titans, casual fans were excited to see a new member join the team. Comic fans, on the other hand, were waiting for the inevitable moment that she would betray them. Of course, the latter took place, and the most painful moment to watch was when Beast Boy discovered it and had to deal with the fact that his good friend had been lying to him for a long time.

What is originally an emotional moment to behold is clearly played for a joke with this meme. After Beast Boy finds the truth, it cuts over to Bart Simpson saying “You can actually pinpoint the second when his heart rips in half.” We agree with him on that, but the sad truth is that all our hearts ripped in half as well.

6. LIES!

There’s a lot of backlash surrounding Teen Titans Go!. It’s a brutal misrepresentation of the characters and features jokes and animation that seem to be made up around the process of groupthink without any sort of critical decision-making. Yet, the network constantly markets the show as “Your New Favorite Show” or “The best show on the channel” in an effort to make sure you watch the show.

Those of us who actually know better are a lot like Invader Zim. Jumping up with a loud “You’re lying” is clearly the only reasonable response to this. Teen Titans Go! may be their most popular show (partially because that’s all they play), but it’s far from their best, even when it competes with what else belongs to the channel.


After watching the first few episodes, it’s clear that Teen Titans Go! isn’t meant to be related to Teen Titans in any way, shape, or form (apart from the voice actors themselves. However, it’s difficult to determine just what kind of differences are taking place with this show, as there are many of them.

One brilliant mind has put together this meme that essentially gives us a crash course on the big differences with the characters. Raven is now a brony and doesn’t have a hatred for sunshine. Beast Boy is now a cannibal has ditched the vegetarian. No one really knows what’s going on with Cyborg and Robin, but at least Starfire’s new role makes sense!


Comic-Con is one of the biggest events for comic and movie fans alike. Because of this, it’s extremely expensive and difficult to get in. Assuming that you finally get the funds to go to one of those illustrious conferences, you may find yourself not getting in at the right time, as it’s entirely possible that the tickets are sold out.

In that situation, the only appropriate response would be that of the Teen Titans. Complete with the fire swirling around Robin, we too would be collectively angry and depressed at the same time. The lesson from this meme is this: if you’re going to go to Comic-Con, you better plan early and make sure you get your tickets ready to go the moment they go on sale.


While many of us are quick to comment how Teen Titans Go! doesn’t compare to Teen Titans, one area where the former is a bit more interesting is their massive references to other DC properties. After all, when the original show debuted, many people didn’t know a lot of the history of the characters, so the show was held back in what it could do. For the new show, there’s a lot more knowledge floating around about the DC characters, which gives them more freedom to experiment.

One episode showcased Robin bringing other versions of himself to Titans Tower. There’s the Robin from The Dark Knight Returnsthe classic Robin, and the modern Robin. Instead of giving them those adjectives, though, one person has decided to label them as they are perceived. Any disagreements with that analysis?


Cartoon Network often promotes their shows within other shows. When new episodes are being released, they’ll often have a countdown timer on the corner of the screen to get viewers excited about what’s to come. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of new Teen Titans Go! episodes being advertised in the midst of better cartoons.

However, is it crazy for us to think that the other shows are starting to become aware? How else would you explain Gumball’s reaction to the upcoming episode above? After all, seeing a clock countdown to Teen Titans Go! is basically the same thing as knowing when the apocalypse is going to happen and being unable to do anything else but prepare for the inevitable. Just smile and accept your fate.


One of the biggest pitfalls in animation is that characters are portrayed a particular way but given no reasonable comeuppance or justification. As an example, Patrick in more modern Spongebob episodes is often a jerk to everyone else and we, as an audience, are supposed to think that it’s funny. Instead, he just causes problems for our main characters with no repercussions whatsoever. In the same vain, Squidward is often needlessly tortured for no reason, and it comes off as horribly mean-spirited.

The same can be said for Teen Titans Go!, as Robin is often portrayed as a controlling jerk who never gets what’s coming to him or is unnecessarily tortured because “haha, pain is funny.” Either way, we have to imagine that Cartoon Network business meetings go something like this comic shown above. When one member suggests decent storytelling, he just gets chucked out the window.

Which of these made you laugh the most? Let us know in the comments!

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