25 Teen Titans Members Ranked From Weakest To Most OP

If you were a kid during the early '00s, it’s almost guaranteed that you knew the animated Teen Titans show. This show was wildly popular during its three year run with fun characters that actually developed, darker themes that forced kids to actually confront serious issues, bombastic action, and a sense of fun and family that was hard to come across. That show had a limited roster with the main five Titans being Robin, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy. Though they did expand their ranks with the addition of the Titans East, there were a great deal of comic book characters that had a rich history with the team from its inception in 1964.

The Titans may have begun as a gimmick to give the popular sidekicks some time to shine, but it evolved into something more. The Teen Titans started off with Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad teaming up to take on Mister Twister. Since that battle, dozens of significant characters have become Titans like Wonder Girl, Kid Devil, Lilith Clay and Superboy. If you’ve ever wondered which of the Titans carried the team and which ones were the weak links, here’s 25 Teen Titans Members Ranked From Weakest To Most OP.


There’s no better example of the effectiveness of nurture vs nature than Jericho or Joseph Wilson. Jericho is the mute son of Slade Wilson, better known as Deathstroke the Terminator. He was rendered mute when his father was unable to save him from another assassin. His mother, Adeline Kane, then took Joseph and his brother Grant and raised them by herself. Adeline cultivated Joseph’s gentle nature and peaceful nature and he grew up to be a completely different man than his father.

Despite his pacifist nature, Jericho was still trained in combat and stealth tactics by his mother, making him an above average fighter.

In addition, he has the metahuman power to possess people. If his target is awake, he has to make eye contact to possess them and cannot speak. But if his target is unconscious, then he doesn’t need to make eye contact and can speak through them.



There have actually been two people that have served as the avatar of order. But the one most closely associated with the Teen Titans is Don Hall, brother of Hank Hall who has served as Hawk since his inception. The two come in a pair because while Hawk is far and away the more powerful of the two, Dove is able to calm him down so that he can actually focus in battle and not fly into a rampage. They have a symbiotic relationship.

That being said, Dove isn’t meant to go into battle by himself. He can fly, sense danger and evil intent, possesses superhuman durability and agility. Dove is well-versed in hand to hand combat and has participated in many battles, but his lack of applicable skills in battle puts him lower on this list.


Back in the age where the trend was to make a powerless citizen an honorary member of your team, Mal Duncan filled that role for the Teen Titans. After he saved the team from a gang by beating their leader in a boxing match, he joined despite his lack of powers or formal training. But Mal actually did something to change his situation. He found the performance enhancing exoskeleton of Guardian and wore it, becoming the second guardian.

Under this identity, he possessed slightly superhuman strength, speed, and durability.

However, after a mysterious encounter with Azrael, the angel of death, he was granted a mystical horn with the ability to open portals and fire destructive sonic waves. He took the name Hornblower, then Herald. Then when the horn merged with his vocal cords, he took the name Vox.



Bumblebee is the first tech genius on this list. Karen Beecher was the girlfriend of Mal Duncan. When she felt that he wasn’t getting enough respect on the Teen Titans, she decided to fix that. She designed a battle suit based on a bumblebee and engineered a situation where she would attack and Mal would look like the hero. Oh, and she did this while in high school; with the resources of a high schooler. Comics made a lot more sense back in the day.

But besides the gap in logic, Karen has been a long time member of the Teen Titans with her battle suit granting her increased strength, speed, protection, flight, and the ability to project painful electric blasts. Bumblebee’s armor also allows her to shrink down to escape enemy sight and sneak into places that others can’t.


Roy Harper has entered the mainstream zeitgeist because of Colton Haynes’s incredible portrayal of the character on Arrow. But as good as Haynes was, he only scratched the surface of Roy Harper’s journey through the comics. Harper started off as Speedy, Green Arrow’s sidekick before joining the Titans and eventually becoming Arsenal. Then he joined the Justice League under the moniker Red Arrow until he lost his arm to Prometheus and became Arsenal once again.

In all of his iterations, Roy is one of the finest marksmen in the world, an expert martial artist, and has an ability to use almost anything he can get his hands on as a weapon.

As an archer, Roy actually earned his nickname Speedy because he was able to shoot arrows faster than Green Arrow himself could. He always has a varied but effective arsenal at his disposal, hence the name Arsenal.



Any kin to Slade Wilson is bound to be a dangerous person. Rose Wilson is the daughter of Deathstroke the Terminator and is nearly as dangerous as her father. Rose was born to one of Deathstroke’s lovers. Rose had a secure life but was also trained by her mother. Unfortunately, Rose’s mother was assassinated and Rose was only saved by Billy Wintergreen. At this point, Slade decided to place Rose under the care of the Teen Titans.

Ravager was trained personally by Nightwing and, as such, is a fantastic martial artist who can hold her own against any foe. In addition, she was given the same serum that Deathstroke was given, enhancing her strength, speed, durability, and endurance to slightly superhuman levels. On top of that, Rose possesses limited precognition triggered by adrenaline. Meaning that sometimes, she can see what her opponent will do before they do it.


Virtually every iteration of Robin has been a member of the Teen Titans at some point, but we’re going to go with the most well known, the most experienced, and the most powerful in Dick Grayson. He is one of the most well-respected figures in the superhero community. He also proved that he was the most powerful of the Robins during 2009’s "Batman: Battle for the Cowl" storyline when he defeated Jason Todd and assumed the mantle of Batman. Robin underwent intense training by Batman in order to become the boy wonder.

He mastered dozens of martial arts; became a master detective; and excelled in weapons training, with focus being placed on escrima sticks.

But his greatest strength comes from his agility and acrobatic skills. Robin is the world’s greatest acrobat, making him very difficult to hit during battle and allowing him to gain tactical advantages.



On the other end of the bird spectrum is Hawk, Dove’s brother and the muscle in their duo. Hank Hall was with his brother, Don, when they developed their powers. However, as the hotheaded sibling, Hank gained power as the avatar of chaos instead of order. Together with his brother, they formed a crime fighting duo and eventually joined the Teen Titans.

Hawk possesses enhanced strength, endurance, intelligence, agility, and a healing factor. Hawk also possesses a heightened density which makes him largely invulnerable. His powers won’t even allow himself to revert back to his human form until all of his injuries are healed. This can happen often however, because, without Dove by his side, Hawk suffers from great rage and was prone to going berserk during battles.


Kid Devil is a less well known member of the team, but he was still a Titan through and through. Eddie Bloomberg was a normal kid whose aunt was in showbusiness. However, when a movie she was producing resulted in the creation of the superhero Blue Devil, Eddie desperately wanted to be a part of the action. He snuck into Blue Devil’s workshop and created a suit that would allow him to fight crime alongside Blue Devil. However, his idol rejected him because he didn’t want a sidekick. This didn’t stop Eddie from going on adventures, however.

Eventually Eddie was able to strike a deal with a demon to give him real superpowers similar to Blue Devil’s and, at this point, he joined the Teen Titans for a long time.

Eddie’s powers granted him incredible strength, speed, flight, a prehensile tail, boiling blood, and the ability to breathe fire.



Another one of the most vital members of the Teen Titans, Beast Boy has been present in numerous iterations of the team and, in every one, he is a lovable goof that gets close with everyone once he trusts them. Beast Boy was born Garfield Logan and, after he caught a rare disease, his zoologist parents treated him with an untested machine that turned his skin green and granted him the ability to transform into any animal.

Beast Boy’s main ability is shapeshifting. He can shapeshift into any animal he’s ever seen and retain the attributes of said animal. He can transform into alien animals, extinct animals, and microscopic animals. Doing this places no strain on him and he can stay in animal form indefinitely. In his human form, he has enhanced strength, speed, and agility due to his altered DNA.


Did you know that one of the Teen Titans believed in Communism? Red Star, or Leonid Kovar, was born a patriotic Russian in the '60s. He and his archaeologist father stumbled across an alien ship that exploded when Leonid was tinkering with it, granting him an evolving set of superpowers.

He adopted the name Starfire (though he changed it later for obvious reasons) and served as Russia’s first superhero.

However after an encounter with the Teen Titans and a betrayal by his country, Leonid decided to join the Titans and adopt the name Red Star. Red Star initially only possessed superhuman strength and speed. However, eventually his powers evolved to include flight, and the ability to shift into a form composed of fire-like energy that he can create and project on command.



Garth was another member of the original Teen Titans trio. He, Kid Flash, and Robin came together to battle Mister Twister and, with the later addition of Wonder Girl, the Teen Titans were born. Aqualad has had a long history. He was born within a society of Atlanteans that had split off from the main city. He was abandoned by his family and Aquaman brought him in, training him to be his partner.

Aqualad possesses all of the abilities that Atlanteans do: superhuman strength, speed, and durability. He can survive the depths of the ocean, swim at incredible speeds, and has enhanced senses. However, Garth has always had an affinity for magic and, as he grew into Tempest, his magical abilities grew. He can manipulate water, teleport, travel through time, discharge energy from his hands and eyes, and telekinesis.


Along with the roster of the Teen Titans from 2003 television show, Static may be the most popular teenage superhero due to him starring in his own animated series Static Shock. Virgil Hawkins was a high school student in the fictional city of Dakota who got caught up in an event called the Big Bang which released a wave of mutagenic gas on a bevy of high school students. Static’s his natural intelligence allows him to best his opponents in most cases.

He’s intelligent enough that he invented parts for Red Robin’s suit and created a mechanical dinosaur out of boredom.

Virgil’s superpowers, however, allow him to manipulate electromagnetic energy. This power grants him the ability to discharge electricity from his body, use magnetic fields to manipulate metal, generate durable electromagnetic shields, charge nonmetal objects with electricity, and more. Static has proven powerful enough to level a building.



Kiran is a relatively new addition to the team, but that does not diminish her strength. She was born to two archaeologists in Delhi, India and she traveled around the world with them. During an archaeological conference, she met Cassie Sandsmark, the second Wonder Girl, and the two struck an instant friendship as they fought off a supervillain that was attacking a nearby museum. From that point on, Kiran became Solstice.

Kiran is photokinetic, meaning she can manipulate light energy through unknown means. She can project blasts of photokinetic energy powerful enough to split a ship in half. In addition, she can fly, and is wrapped in enough heat to melt metal. She has shown to be able to put up a fight against Wonder Girl and Superboy and has been a valuable team member since she joined.


There have been many versions of the Blue Beetle with varied powersets. But the only one that became a member of the Teen Titans was Jaime Reyes, the third Blue Beetle. Jaime was a regular high school student from El Paso, Texas when he stumbled across a sentient alien weapon known as a Scarab that bonded to him and granted him the ability to form biomechanical armor over himself.

The Scarab armor is an incredibly powerful piece of hardware. It grants Jaime superhuman strength, speed, durability, and the ability to fly.

In addition to these modifiers, it also grants Jaime access to a host of onboard weapons such as energy blasts and sonic cannons. The suit is also able to morph parts of itself into other weapons such as blades and a mace. Jaime’s partnership with the Scarab easily makes him the most powerful of the Blue Beetles.



While Cyborg is one of the first characters that people think of when they remember the Teen Titans, Cyborg eventually grew in popularity to the point that he became a founding member of the Justice League when The New 52 rewrote DC history. But despite his membership on the Justice League, Victor Stone will always be remembered as a Teen Titans character.

To his credit, Cyborg has proven to be a very powerful addition to the Teen Titans due to his tendency to upgrade himself and become more powerful through the integration of new technology. Throughout his superhero career, he’s possessed increased strength, endurance, durability, and senses as well as the ability to hack into anything, increased intelligence, and an array of defense systems like his signature white noise cannon (sonic cannon for you Teen Titans fans) which would fire concentrated blasts of sound powerful enough to damage steel targets.


The ability to read and attack your opponent’s thoughts can be an extremely useful one during a fight. With this ability, you could tell what your enemy was about to do, distract anyone you’re going up against, and even attack their mind in with an attack that can’t be deflected with physical tools. A good psychic is invaluable to a team and that is why Lilith Clay, or Omen, is in the top 10.

Lilith Clay was the sixth ever member of the Teen Titans who joined in hopes that it would aid her in her journey to find her birth parents.

But while Clay was a member, she proved to be a beneficial presence on the team. Her mental powers were strong enough to overcome Psimon in a psychic battle and Psimon is an massively powerful psychic capable of crippling most of the team easily.



Raven may be one of the hardest people to place on this list due to her her vast array of ill-defined powers. Raven’s heritage as a half demon grants her quite a few abilities such as spellcasting, telekinesis, precognition, projection of her soul self, teleportation, and psychic powers. These are many of the abilities that Raven possesses, but these aren’t her most powerful ones.

Raven can manipulate darkness which is the ability most shown on the Teen Titans television show. But in the comics, Raven is more known as an extremely powerful empath, able to sense and manipulate the emotions of others. She can force people to feel emotions like love or rob them of all emotions. She’s used this power to calm crowds and stop rampaging supervillains. In addition, she’s able to absorb pain from others and rapidly heal that person.


If you’re able to reshape an entire landscape with your powers, you’re going to be near the top of any power ranking list. There aren’t many geokinetics outside of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series, so Terra is unique among those in the DC Universe. She’s able to influence rock all around her to a seemingly limitless degree.

Her real displays of power, though, come from when she reshapes the landscape around her by directly manipulating tectonic plates.

She can cause earthquakes, erupt volcanoes, and open up chasms in the earth. The new Terra, Atlee, actually displays superior control over earth than the original Terra. She can manipulate rock several square miles around her and sustains little to no damage from anything earth-based.



Speedsters are more powerful opponents than one would realize. Though he may not have increased attributes, great enough speed can branch out into a much wider range of powers. That’s why Impulse finds himself this high on the list. He may not be the fastest speedster to ever grace the Teen Titans, but he’s still powerful.

Impulse is Bart Allen, time traveling grandson of Barry Allen who is known for his recklessness and natural aptitude for his powers. He travelled back in time to talk to Wally West in hopes to combat his accelerated aging. Once that was cured, he remained in the past and joined the Teen Titans. Bart actually has almost limitless potential as a speedster and has displayed some incredible feats. He’s able to create tangible clones of himself and use the Speed Force to give him slight invulnerability.


Wally is ranked here for the same reasons that Impulse are, but as the original speedster on the Teen Titans and a character who grew to be a more powerful speedster, he’s ranked above Bart. He gained his powers by recreating the experiment that gave Barry Allen his powers. After serving as his sidekick for years, he partnered with Robin and Aqualad to take down Mister Twister and form the original incarnation of the Teen Titans.  Wally has grown at an incredible rate since then.

He actually surpassed Barry as the fastest speedster sometime after he took over the mantle of The Flash.

He’s done some incredible things like mainlining the Speed Force, share and steal speed, and using the Speed Force to subvert the laws of physics. Wally may be the fastest being to ever exist. He easily outstrips the speed of light and has even outrun death and entropy.



This Tamaranian princess grew to achieve great things once she became a member of the Teen Titans. Starfire, or Koriand’r came to earth after being experimented on by an advanced race of sadistic alien scientists. The first person she encountered on Earth was Dick Grayson and, after becoming accustomed to life on Earth, she joined the Teen Titans to defend Earth with her alien powers.

Tamaranians possess the ability to absorb solar energy (like Kryptonians) and use it to power their ability to fly. In addition to flight, Starfire possesses strength great enough to seriously challenge Wonder Girl, enhanced durability, and the ability to fire powerful bolts of solar energy. Starfire is one of the sweetest women you’ll ever encounter, but she drops all of this when she goes into battle and becomes a warrior.


Donna Troy was the first character to join the trio of Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad. It was at that point that the four young heroes officially became the Teen Titans. And ever since then, Wonder Girl has been a character whose influence has become a part of the very fabric of the team.

As an Amazonian, Wonder Girl generally serves as the team’s battering ram.

She is extremely powerful with incredible strength, speed, endurance, and durability. While originally she was much weaker than Wonder Woman, Donna has progressed to the point that she’s able to go toe to toe with Wonder Woman. In addition to her physical attributes, Donna has undergone the same Amazonian training that Wonder Woman has, meaning that she’s a master at hand-to-hand combat. She also has access to some abilities that even Wonder Woman due to her ability to manipulate photonic energy.



Superboy is only partially Kryptonian. He is a genetically engineered being created by Lex Luthor with the intent to replace Superman after his death at the hands of Doomsday. Luthor used a mix of his own DNA, Kryptonian DNA, and an unknown strand of DNA to create Superboy, who goes by Conner Kent or Kon-El. Despite the presence of Luthor’s genes in him, Superboy is all hero and has been a pivotal member of the Teen Titans.

It may seem like Superboy is just a mini Superman, but it’s more complicated than that. Superboy is actually a powerful telekinetic and uses these abilities to mimic Kryptonian abilities like super strength, invulnerability, flight, heat vision, and super hearing. He can also use his telekinesis to move items and emit powerful psionic blasts. But since he is part Kryptonian, he does possess their powers, but their strength has fluctuated over the years.


For once, the Kryptonian doesn’t top the list. It’s incredible that someone so sweet and kind could be so powerful, but M’Gann is a powerhouse in the Teen Titans. Martians are already an extremely powerful race with their wide array from powers. Their telepathic and telekinetic powers are extremely versatile abilities and their complete control over their cells allow them to change their density at will and shapeshift. Martians have a truly incredible powerset.

Their strength is such that Martian Manhunter is said to be able to trade blows with Superman.

Now M’Gann is known for her powerful psychic abilities. She’s shown on numerous occasions that she’s one of the most powerful telepaths on the planet. She can read minds, create illusions, induce sleep in others, detect sentient life, exercise control over others, and even harm others with a powerful psychic assault.


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