Teen Titans: How Kid Flash Helped Shape the Iconic DC Team

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After Robin the Boy Wonder set the gold standard for superhero sidekicks when he debuted in 1940, the nascent DC Universe featured a number of teen sidekicks by the '60s, including Aqualad, Speedy, Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash. DC's  sidekicks proved to be incredibly popular among readers and beginning in the pages of The Brave and the Bold #54, they would start adventuring away from their mentors and form a new team known as the Teen Titans.

The Teen Titans have seen a number of characters join the various groups over the years, and the team has moved well past their beginnings as kid sidekicks to develop into a supportive family that trains and nurtures DC's youthful heroes. And while there are always new faces on the team, there are a few characters who help make up the core members of the Titans, which often included Wally West/Kid Flash and his successors. Now, we're going to take a look back at the history of the Titans and Kid Flash's role within the team throughout it's various reboots and relaunches.

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The first outing of the as-yet-unnamed Teen Titans happened in Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani's aforementioned issue of The Brave and the Bold that saw Wally West/Kid Flash team up with Dick Grayson/Robin and Garth/Aqualad to take on the menace of Mister Twister. The trio would return joined by Donna Troy/Wonder Girl to take on the name Teen Titans in The Brave and the Bold #60 before spinning off into their own Teen Titans title.

The Titans would add characters like Speedy, Hawk & Dove, Lilith, and others, but the core group would continue to feature Wally West as Kid Flash, though members like Aqualad would come and go throughout the series.


New Teen Titans George Perez

The series would eventually be canceled, but would soon be relaunched as the New Teen Titans, which would see new members like Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy join the team. Wally's time as Kid Flash with the Teen Titans in this run was more spotty since he was dealing with troubles at home, issues with his abilities and the death of his mentor, Barry Allen, during the Crisis On Infinite Earths. Eventually, Wally would quit being Kid Flash and the Titans after the Crisis due to the loss of his powers, though when they returned Wally stepped into the role of the Flash.

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Wally would continue to aid his friends with the New Teen Titans as the Flash, though he wouldn't remain with the team as his new role would find him working with the Justice League and his now-adult teammates in the Titans. Wally's protege Bart Allen/Impulse would step into the role of Kid Flash when he joined a new incarnation of the Teen Titans led by Cyborg and Starfire.

NEW 52

The New 52 reboot created by Barry Allen and Flashpoint ended up wiping the original Wally West out of DC continuity, which had been truncated into a five-year timeline. The reboot saw a new team of Teen Titans form with a new Kid Flash, though this version was a criminal from the future who was impersonating Bart Allen. However, the boots of Kid Flash would soon be legitimately filled by a new reimagined version of Wallace "Wally" West in The Flash ongoing series.

The New 52 continuity would be altered by the Convergence event which launched the Rebirth-era and heralded the return of the biggest casualty of the New 52 reboot, the original Wally West. Now known simply as the Flash, Wally's return would be explored both in The Flash ongoing and alongside his former teammates in Titans.


While the original Wally West dealt with his return by working with Barry and the Titans, Wallace West would continue working as Kid Flash despite his separation from Barry Allen. Wallace would be recruited by Damian Wayne alongside Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy to form a new Teen Titans. Damian's version of the team would go through a few roster changes, and despite the troubled beginnings to their partnership, Kid Flash continued to work with Robin alongside new members like Red Arrow and Crush, Lobo's daughter.

Wally West's earliest outings with his friends built a strong foundation for the Teen Titans that relied on Kid Flash's abilities and heart to keep the family of heroes together. Bart Allen evolved into Kid Flash alongside his modern iteration of the team, and Wallace West helped usher in the Rebirth-age, continuing the ongoing legacy of Kid Flash and his place alongside the Teen Titans.

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