10 Things That Teen Titans Go VS Teen Titans Did Right

Teen Titans Go! VS Teen Titans wasn't the huge revival that fans of the original series were hopeful for, but let's be real, it was close enough. The crossover saw the two variants of the team working together to take on both of their universe’s Trigons. Of course, many shenanigans ensued.

Today we'll be talking about ten things the crossover did right. Without any further ado, let's get right into it.

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9 The Comedy Was Great

The comedy of the crossover movie was great, and easily one of the highlights of the film. Say what you want about Teen Titans Go!, but the series has some pretty funny moments, as does the original series.

This comedy translated into the crossover, and the jovial tone of the movie worked well for both of the franchises it was representing. Of course, much of the comedic tone was due to how the two groups interacted with each other.

8 Interactions Between The Titans

When creating a crossover of this style, a focus is going to be put on the interactions between the Titans’ various forms and how they react to one another. The movie handles this well. The two Starfires love each other and instantly click, the Ravens are friendly, and Go Robin is jealous of the original (as he should be), it's what you'd expect.

This doesn't make it boring, as the writing is careful to play it up in order to make the interactions fun and memorable.

7 Staying True To Their Series

If you can't tell, both of the Titans series are completely different from one another in style, writing, basically any and all of the things. The crossover manages to carry over these differences. The Go crew is constantly making jokes and being idiots in the face of extremely important events, much to the chagrin of the original team.

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Meanwhile, the original team meticulously plans out their moves, much to the confusion of the Go team. The distinctions between the two groups are used throughout the plot in fun ways that highlight just how separate the two are.

6 Making Fun Of Themselves

The writers are very aware of how the two shows handle themselves, with all the seriousness taken out in the Go formula. This extends to the characters’ thoughts as well. Literally every Titan from both teams is aware that the smol ones are the inferior Titans, even if they do have some of their own charms.

This is mentioned throughout by all of them, even through musical form (we'll get into that in a moment). Then again... the Go Starfire said she'd probably be bored watching the serious Titans every week and just... no. None of us were bored at all.

5 Fourth Wall Breaks

The crossover film had a number of fourth wall breaks, usually to discuss the fact that all of these different Titans were co-existing. At one point, Go Raven had to eat the other Ravens (it really isn't a long story but we just aren't going into that) because the original Raven couldn't animate her mouth to do it.

Then there's this screaming fan that says the Go team ruined his childhood and... yeah. Same, same. The movie was self-aware enough to poke fun at itself, which is something that really is just required out of a project like this.

4 The Musical Number

At one point in the movie, the Starfires decide that the only way they can get the teams to cooperate is through the magic of song and dance, which is so on-brand for them. As such, this spurs an entire musical number that everyone participates in... even if begrudgingly.

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This is just another fun and lighthearted aspect of the film that is done very well, being funny at times, and let's be honest, kind of catchy. Put it on Spotify Titans, let's get on it.

3 Tall Robin

Throughout the film, everyone is constantly mentioning Tall Robin. They all think that he's just great, especially the Go team. However, two Titans are essentially just in love with him, and that's Go's Starfire and Robin. Starfire just thinks he's beautiful and is obsessed, and Robin just wants to be him, basically.

This is another great aspect of the film, as Go Robin is constantly trying to join forces and collaborate with OG Robin - something that the latter is not quite fond of. However, they do manage to put aside their differences to get the job done.

2 Other DC References

Teen Titans Go VS Teen Titans throws in some DC references here and there, which is tons of fun to see. There are references to Batman, Green Lantern and of course Infinite Earths throughout the movie.

This is something that the original show didn't do much that Go explored a bit, so it's great to see it brought into the fold here with the crossover film.

Of course, the Infinite Earths aspect that was used in the film was one of the best parts about it, as it brought in just about every incarnation of the Titans imaginable, and some unimaginable. There was the DCAU's team, some new ones created for the crossover and the actual Titans from the comics, which was just a delight to see.

This entire portion of the film was handled beautifully, and was both funny and enjoyable to watch. The comics characters literally talked with speech bubbles above their heads, how can you not love it?

1 The Plot

Of course, the best aspect of this film is the fact that it even exists. The team chose to bring these teams together because of the hilarity that would ensue from it, so they did. The film is charming, nostalgic and hilarious. It allowed the older fans a chance to see their Titans brought back again, which is something that could very well never happen again.

Let's just hope that the film sells well enough to warrant a season six of the original Teen Titans show. Come on, the two can run concurrently. Just let it happen, DC. Please.

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