15 Times Teen Titans Go! Crossed The Line

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In 2003, Cartoon Network debuted Teen Titans, a cartoon series based on the classic New Teen Titans comics from the early 1980s by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy went on a number of adventures over the five seasons of the critically acclaimed series, which was noted for how well-developed the characters were and how serious the themes got at time. In a lot of ways, it was much like the original Wolfman/Perez comic book series in those respects. It ended in 2006 after five seasons.

In 2013, the Teen Titans were revived in Teen Titans Go!, a much less serious, more over-the-top new series using the same characters as the original Teen Titans cartoon. The original Teen Titans cartoon was notable for how often it would use somewhat racy material in the episodes (we did a list on that subject). However, surprisingly enough, the more kid-friendly Teen Titans Go! also had a surprising amount of racy jokes themselves. Here, we'll list 15 examples of times when Teen Titans Go! went too far!

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In one of its raciest episodes (you'll see it pop up on this list more than a few times), the Titans have to face off against one of the cruelest enemies -- their laundry! In "Laundry Day," the team's costumes are disgusting following a battle with a slime monster and despite it being his turn to do the laundry, Robin tricks Raven into doing it instead.

Beast Boy, being sort of a beast, is fully comfortable with being naked. He lounges all around the Titans Tower wearing no clothes. In particular, he rubs himself all over the team's couch before he falls asleep. While he is sleeping, there is a magazine over his crouch that is pointedly "tented." That the magazine is a Zoo magazine is even more of a pointed reference.


In "Mr. Butt," Blackfire shows up on Earth, seemingly to pursue a relationship with her sister, Starfire, but in reality she is there just to trick Starfire into taking her place in intergalactic prison. With Starfire now out of the way, Blackfire has, in effect, taken her place on the team and hangs out in Titans Tower. She sees Robin exercising and begins to admire his butt.

In a surprisingly extended sequence, we see Robin really working his butt while he exercises. It's hilariously well defined. However, when she expresses her admiration, Robin is worried and assumes the worst about Stafire's absence. He goes out to dig up holes, thinking that Blackfire has killed and buried Starfire in their backyard! This was a weird one through-and-through!


In "Legs," Robin theorizes that Raven's bad attitude is a result of her cloak, so he steals it while she is in the shower. The various Titans all take turns wearing it until it happens to be worn by Cyborg when Raven interrupts them, angry at them stealing her clothes. The Titans had never seen her without her cloak and they're all shocked by how great her legs look. The shot is framed a la the famous Graduate poster (with the Titans in the Dustin Hoffman position).

She then begins to act much freer without her cloak, dancing around, showing off her legs and even taking on the name Lady Legasus. However, when Cyborg begins to act violent due to the effects of her cloak, she has to take it back for the good of the world.


One of the recurring jokes in the series is how much Robin falls apart whenever Starfire does anything seductive. He's clearly obsessed with her. In "Hey Pizza," Starfire makes a comment that she bought a bikini "on the line" and would like to wear it at the pool but the Titans don't have a pool.

She then mentions to Robin that she would like him to apply some suntan lotion on her if they ever get a pool and Robin's hair springs up, knocking his hat off. This is a clear reference to her getting a "rise" out of him. In the end, he is unable to build a pool, but she still models the bikini for him...on her pet mutant moth larva, Silkie! Weird.


In "Pirates," Aqualad throws the Teen Titans' status quo out of whack when he asks Raven out on a date. It really throws Beast Boy for a loop, who possessively refers to Raven as "his girl." Of course, Raven is her own girl and she agrees to go out on a date with Aqualad, although she is very wary of him.

Meanwhile, a recurring bit throughout the episode is that Cyborg is insistent that Aqualad is a pirate, despite everyone else telling him that he is not. He even talks like a pirate to Aqualad. After Raven's date with Aqualad, Cyborg asks if Aqualad showed her his "pirate booty" and Raven's expression is a delightfully embarrassing blush. At the end of the episode, after getting into a fight with Beast Boy, Aqualad has an eye patch and a peg leg, leading Cyborg to assume that he was right all along!


Unlike his teammates, Cyborg's costume is, well, his actual body. So while Raven is cleaning their costumes, she has Cyborg's entire body with her and he is left as just a head. He decides to go through his closet (luckily, he has mini-arms that come out of his neck) and figures out which of his alternative bodies that he could use while his main body is being washed.

We see him sort through a variety of robotic bodies (each one more outlandish than the next) until he suddenly comes across a visibly female body in his closet! He acts shocked and tries to cover it up, asking out loud, "How'd that get in there?" Apparently, Cyborg occasionally likes to wear his head on top of a female body. We're not judging you, Cyborg!


The intimate nature of pie has been a longstanding part of American pop culture, from Warrant's "Cherry Pie" to the hit American Pie series of films that explicitly (and we mean explicitly) compare pie to a woman's parts. That is why it is surprisingly unsubtle when Beast Boy makes a move on Raven's pie in the episode, "Pie Bros."

The episode shows Beast Boy getting a job in a pie shop to make enough money to buy Cyborg an expensive birthday gift, but when his job conflicts with Cyborg's party, what will Beast Boy decide to do? Earlier in the episode, he comes up on Raven about to eat a pie and he sticks a finger in her pie and then pulls it out and licks his finger in front of her.


In the episode "Terra-ized," we see the Teen Titans Go! version of how Terra got her way on to the Teen Titans before betraying them to Deathstroke. Here, Beast Boy believes that he is dating Terra while she keeps asking him for confidential information about the Titans (like their passwords, and how to gain access to their files). Amusingly, he mishears "data" as "date."

Raven is the only Titan suspicious of her, but everyone assumes it is just because she is jealous of Beast Boy's new relationship. She thinks that is absurd, but the others have a hard time believing her. At one point in the episode, Beast Boy shows some photos he took of himself and Terra in a photo booth and Beast Boy seems shockingly handsy in one of the photos!


The very first Father's Day episode of Teen Titans Go! took place in "Caramel Apples," when Raven doesn't want anything to do with her evil father, Trigon, on Father's Day. Starfire volunteers to take her place doing various Father's Day activities. Raven is happy at first that she doesn't have to do any of those annoying activities, but soon grows jealous of Starfire getting the attention from Trigon that Raven never received.

While playing toy ponies later, she has the ponies re-enact the problems she is having with Starfire, with one pony calling the other one a "dumb horse," but the first three letters of "horse" were elongated before the "se" part was added. Sound it out and you'll get the joke. Starfire and Raven later reconcile when they realize that Trigon was just playing them against each other.


As noted before, when Blackfire shows up on Earth in "Mr. Butt," it is so that she could get Starfire to take her place. Luckily for her, her sister Starfire is so trusting that she thinks that Blackfire is really here to bond with her. Blackfire gives her sister a makeover, but the makeover is just to make her dress exactly like Blackfire, so that when the police arrive, they will confuse Starfire for Blackfire.

Amusingly, when she is changing Starfire's clothes, Blackfire just strips her naked right there in the room. There's a censored bar there, of course, but it is still a surprisingly racy move by Blackfire. Later, Starfire becomes hardened in prison and escapes to get revenge on Blackfire (who is being taught how to be soft and a better sister by the Titans in the meantime).


Unlike the other Titans, Cyborg doesn't really have a body anymore and as a result, he doesn't get tired the way that the rest of them do. He is consistently confused, though, when they are not willing to do things with him at all hours of the day. After a mishap, Cyborg is accidentally transformed into being part of Titans Tower. Now the rest of the team can't avoid him as he's all around them!

He quickly goes mad with power as he monitors them all of the time, including when Robin is in the shower and Cyborg shows up to look him all over and tell him whether he's missed a spot. He then even ejects Robin from the shower using increased water pressure!


As you may or may not have picked up on, Raven is not the happiest person in the world. Being in a perpetual state of annoyance is essentially her normal state. This was demonstrate in the episode "Real Magic," where Robin ends up becoming a really good stage magician, which irritates Raven to no end (while also, she notes, angering the Magic God).

At one point in the episode, we see a montage of all of the ways that Raven "hates." We see the Titans riding in a decked out limousine. The others are thrilled. Raven hates it. We see her with a bunch of adorable kittens. Raven hates it. We then see Beast Boy seductively laid out in a bedroom with candles all around. She still hates it. That scene was so racy that it was edited out of the episode in England.


One of the recurring jokes through Teen Titans Go! is about how many fans Robin had in the original Teen Titans series. He was especially popular among female fans, so in the Teen Titans Go! series, Robin has "fan girls" who are always following him around. Well, in "Laundry Day," the fan girls were lucky to have their cameras with them, because they got an eyeful!

Robin, you see, got confused after getting naked (while Raven washed their costumes) and accidentally left Titans Tower when he meant to go to his room and he was now running around outside naked while his fan girls tried to take his photograph. By the end of the episode, Robin agrees to do laundry for the next year to make it up to Raven for trying to force her to do laundry when it was his day to do so on the chore list.


An interesting aspect of this particular Teen Titans team is that only Robin is an actual sidekick to a superhero. The rest of the team are their own individual heroes (the other sidekick heroes, like Aqualad and Speedy, are not full-time Titans). So when Robin gets called back to Wayne Mansion to housesit while Batman is on vacation, the rest of the team comes along to give him a hard time about still being a sidekick.

They mess with Batman's stuff and Starfire wears Batgirl's costume, which combines both of Dick Grayson's major love interests and he just about loses it (especially because, as she notes, the costume is very tight on her). He tells her to take it off, but she notes that it is too tight to remove. He then drools like a love-crazed fool.


In "La Larva de Amor," Starfire goes away for a while and asks the Titans to watch Silkie for her. They agree, but they naturally lose him almost immediately. Silkie ends up in Mexico and actually has his own little romantic adventure, including some innuendo of their own, like when his new love interest, Sonia, tells him, "I can tell someone like you knows how to treat a beautiful woman, no?"

While looking through Starfire's room for Silkie, Robin is shocked to discover Starfire's diary, which hints that she might have written about him in it. He then promptly takes the diary, opens up his pants and hides it in there. That's certainly one way to hide it! Silkie eventually returns on his own, but not before Starfire blasted all of her teammates out of anger.

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