"Teen Titans" Go To The Silver Screen

You've seen the Teen Titans go to the small screen already in the popular "Teen Titan's Go" animated series. Now it's time for the Teen Titans to graduate to the big screen in a new live action feature, this according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The film has writer Mark Veheiden attached, the writer of "Superman/Batman" at DC Comics and a writer/producer of the SciFi series "Battlestar Galactica." Producers Akiva Goldsman and Kerry Foster are on boad, with Jessica Goodman and Jessee Ehrman overseeing for Warner Bros. while Gregory Noveck is handling the DC Comics side of things. Goldsman also has a number of other comic properties in film deals, including "Doom Patrol" and "The Losers," as well as being in pre-production on the graphic novel adaptation of "Tonight He Comes" starring Will Smith.

Details on the story are sparse at the moment. It's not known which heroes will be used, but Nightwing will be a part of the team. A smart move should the film achieve success, as a Nightwing spin-off could be a wise choice. The tone will be in line with recent films "Batman Begins" and "Superman Returns" and the upcoming "Watchmen," according to Goldsman.

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