Teen Titans Go! Feature Film Official for Summer 2018

teen titans go team movie

A Teen Titans Go! feature film is headed to the big screen on July 27, 2018, as announced Monday by Warner Bros. The animated feature is slated to debut in theaters replaces a previously untitled animated film on Warner Bros.' schedule, formerly slated for June 1, 2018.

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Details on the movie are scarce, but it's presumably an extension of the popular, comedic animated series based on the DC Comics team. The Teens Titan Go! show has aired on Cartoon Network since 2013, and is closing in on a milestone 200th episode. The cartoon roster boasts a core team of Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy and Starfire, with many other familiar DC characters appearing along the way.

This isn't the only adaptation of the Teen Titans currently in development: DC Comics is also working on a Titans live-action digital series, with an aim of premiering in 2018. The series has cast Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, Hawk, and Dove so far, and a Beast Boy announcement might not be far away.

Other animated DC movies on the way include Batman: Gotham by Gaslight and Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay are on the way, albeit both as part of DC’s long-running direct-to-home release series of animated features.

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