How George Perez's Changing Art Style Became a Teen Titans Plot Point

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George Perez's evolving art style inadvertently became a major plot for Raven in the Teen Titans.



The iconic comic book superstar, George Perez, was already a star when he launched the New Teen Titans with Marv Wolfman and Romeo Tanghal in 1980, but he was still evolving as an artist.

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Here's Raven from the first issue. Note that her face was pretty much completely covered up...

It would not be until the fourth issue that Ravens' face was finally revealed...

Over time, Raven's face stayed mostly the same...

However, over time, Perez began to alter his art style and he started to draw characters a bit...perhaps realistically is not the right word, but he definitely started giving everyone in the book a lot more character in their faces.

See Raven in New Teen Titans #28...

Well, a reader wrote in and asked if they were now deliberately making Raven look more demonic. That was not the case, but when Perez and Wolfman saw the letter, it made them think, "Hey, yeah, let's do that!" Perez explained it to Andy Mangels in Comics Interview #50, "When we received a letter from someone saying “Hey, you know, I’ve noticed that the face has been changing, you’re making her look almost demonic, was that deliberate?” It wasn’t, then, but it became that way from that point on! (Laughter.) That’s when we decided to use that scene inside TITANS #1, based on that one letter. It started as something I was doing because I was adapting my style. Then I suddenly decided to use a story element. The face was changed, but it wasn’t because George Perez style was changing, it was because it was a deliberate change. So it was an accidental deliberate change."

Over the next year or so, Perez would then slowly make Ravens' face more and more gaunt...

Finally, in the new volume of New Teen Titans #1, the plot point was written specifically into the comic book...

And Raven's transition into the daughter of Trigon was complete in the following issue!

Very clever stuff.

Thanks to Andy Mangels and George Perez for the information!


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