Teen Titans: The 25 Best Costumes Ranked

The Teens Titans hold the unique distinction of being basically the only team of teenager heroes that are as famous if not more so than their adult contemporaries. So how exactly have they surpassed the likes of the Runaways, Young Avengers, and Power Pack? Some would argue it’s because the Teen Titans have amassed some of the best-looking superheroes in all of comic lore. Especially as time has gone on, considering the line has had over 40 years of history and experience to draw on. While it has occasionally suffered from a lapse in fashion judgement, the characters who walk the hallowed halls of Titans Tower typically demonstrate a sense of trend and mode unparalleled by their comic peers.

After all, one cannot simply fight an enemy as cool-looking as Deathstroke the Terminator and show up looking like one just rolled out of bed into the nearest nanotech mesh-weave uniform on the floor. And since recent pictures from the set of the live-action television adaptation has inspired some… heated discussions online concerning their adherence to the source material or lack thereof, general TV readiness, and overall aesthetic, it felt like a good time to rank the top 25 best looking Teen Titans outfits.

* Nightwing art in feature image by Jean Sinclair.

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To be blunt, Nightwing’s original ‘disco’ outfit is not even close to being the best look he’s ever adapted. His old Robin outfit with the green briefs and yellow cape somehow had more dignity. But even if it’s not the best, his high-collar suit with the yellow fringe is one of the most unintentionally hilarious looks in all of comic lore. Starting from the skin-tight boots up, it’s a clearly meant to be a bizarre mix of the impracticality of the original Robin uniform and the sincere awesomeness of just about every iteration of the Batman costume.

Instead of the traditional utility belt, he sported a pair of bracers which held all of his tools and weapons.

Apart from being even more physically impossible than the infinite contents of the utility belt, it was also the only part of the costume that isn’t a second skin and stood out like a sore thumb on his wrists. Even worse, there was still a blue stripe around his waist which breaks up the flow of his overall costume. The worst part of the outfit though? Undoubtably the plunging neckline that exposed what could only be called an obscene amount of chest. Thankfully, this outfit lived and died in the '80s and hasn’t been brought back since, even with a retroism edge.


The second incarnation of the Teen Titans was composed of a group of half-aliens led by a de-aged Atom -- the less said about them the better. One of the only members of this version of the team to escape the confines of this dark period was Argent, a preppy rich girl from New Jersey with powers that more or less amounted to ‘Green Lantern but silver.’ Adventurous and confident, Argent designed her second costume herself. Made of black latex and leather, this stylish but revealing outfit creates jagged openings across her left shoulder and stomach.

She wears a matching arm warmer of the same color on her left arm to complete the majority of her outfit. The black defines itself wonderfully against her naturally silver skin and her golden ear and belly rings. It looks fantastic and allows for lots of freedom of movement, though at the cost of any special protection. The only distinct armor she wears are a pair of silver arm guards and a silver leg bars. Visually, this even works well with her power set, which takes the form of smoking sapphire blasts and projections. Genuinely, Argent may be missing out on a lucrative career as a fashion designer just to play hero.


DC’s decision to bring back the Kid Eternity character from the dusty depths of the golden age of comics to be included in Teen Titans Vol. 3 was an interesting choice but didn’t change much about their universe. In a way, Kid Eternity’s outifit is fitting reflection of that. Ditching the beige suit pants and tie, the new Kid Eternity wore an all-white, skin-tight jumpsuit, a flashy red sash, a pair of ruby sunglasses, and a matching set of black gloves and boots.

It’s a pretty simple uniform, but each part has some manner of significance.

His glaring white body suit is essentially a blank canvas, which may be a reference to his ability to invoke the souls of the dead and allow them to possess his body for short periods of time. It also mixes in somewhat with his long blonde hair and makes it appear to extend even further up and down his body. This clashes hard with his gloves and boots, making the lines between them even more defined. The red sash and sunglasses seem to be the only bits of flair that Kid Eternity allows himself and they stand out fabulously against his fair skin and white suit.


Mia Dearden has always been a deceptively interesting and tragic character. A former exploited runaway, she trained with Green Arrow and turned her life around to become the new Speedy. In doing so, she updated the traditional red outfit by making it a one-piece body suit and including a yellow hood and cloak. Sometime after joining the Teen Titans, however, she updated it further with an abrupt color change. Her new uniform consisted of a form-fitting and uninterrupted black body suit, marked only with a golden arrow emblem centered on her chest. Her hood was a matching gilded hue and blended perfectly with her hair.

Her identity was no longer protected by a traditional domino mask, but by a more practical half-face wrap-around mask. Golden bracers covered her arms and she wore a pair of yellow boots in the traditional peaked fashion that most superheroes indulge in. Despite looking remarkably chic and generally cool, this outfit will have to rank low on the list due to being wildly impractical. Seriously, how is she supposed to reach her arrows with that cloak? Also, while not having a belt or strap gives her an sleek and flowing appearance, it does raise the question as to where she keeps any of her tools or weapons.


It’s pretty unfortunate that despite his storied history as a character, Superboy has exactly one distinct look that wasn’t laughably stupid. His original costume was just a Superman costume on a teenage body, his post-Crisis look was the product of '90s X-tremeism, his New 52 outfit made it clear that the artists really liked Tron: Legacy, and the one Jonathan Kent wears in comics today is fine for a 10-year old but horrible for just about everyone else. Lucky for him, the only good Superboy outfit is just choice.

It’s the go-to simple standard of a black T-shirt emblazoned with a red sigil of the House of El on the chest and a pair of good old fashioned all-American jeans.

No adornments necessary, no traditional faire needed, nothing but the bare essentials to keep everything covered and let people know who he is. In a way, this is reflective of Superboy’s personality, he’s not as goody two-shoes as his Kryptonian genetic source and he’s not as corrupted as his human creator Lex Luthor, leaving him in a black limbo out of which he chose to pursue the side of the angels, symbolized by the red ‘S’ on a black background. It’s very much a case of what you see being what you get.


Rose Wilson's (aka Deathstroke’s daughter aka the child of the Teen Titans archnemesis aka Ravager) tenure with the Titans was marked by three things: her adorable pseudo-romance with Kid Devil, how nobody wanted to trust her because of her heritage, and how little she actually wanted to be with the uptight teenagers. But while she failed to be relevant narratively, she at least got to look awesome in print. Borrowing most of her style from her villainous father, she wears a black and orange split, one-eyed bandana over her face, which allows her long white hair to flow around her head with the rippling straps of the tie-off.

The rest of her outfit is mostly defined by the gray, scale-plate armor that covers her body and the thin dark blue armor padding that layers on top. Also like her dad, she wears a pair of yellow pirate boots and a golden utility belt. While it’s certainly a mark against her that she largely copies Deathstroke’s look, Ravager did a pretty good job of making it appear her own. For example, she made a point of ditching Deathstroke’s bulky outer casing in favor of a more lithe and flexible armor which balances out protection with freedom of movement.


Catapulted into mainstream popularity through the Young Justice cartoon, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Miss Martian was as much a staple of comics as Robin or Superboy. In fact, she’s only been kicking around since 2006, but her look was so immediately attention grabbing that she instantly found a comfortably niche market. Obviously using the Martian Manhunter’s look for a base, Miss Martian took the criss-crossing red stripes and blue cape and converted them into a schoolgirl uniform.

She wore a white layer between the red stripes which left her arms exposed to the wrist, where a pair of white gloves covered her hands.

The red stripes themselves connected into a red belt with a yellow, flower-shaped buckle. Bellow that was a blue mini-skirt which left much of her lower body exposed until her mid-calf high blue boots. Her look was completed by her flowing blue cape and collar which was clasped around her exposed neck. The most interesting part of her outfit, however, is definitely her body itself. As a shapeshifting white Martian, she chose to adopt a humanoid appearance, green skin, and straight red hair when she debuted as a hero on Earth to make herself more attractive and to draw friendly comparisons with the Martian most humans were already aware of.


Robin outfits have a generally hard time being takens seriously in comic book lore. Dick Grayson’s legless briefs weren’t the best foot forwards, Jason Todd did little to legitimize the outfit, Tim Drake looked a little bit better but was still a traffic light with legs, and Stephanie Brown was more or less the same thing except with a skirt. The only Robin that has ever successfully managed to look even a little bit cool and he did it by pretty much redesigning the whole look. Though retaining the original color scheme that he inherited from Tim Drake, Damian basically turned the naturally goofy look of Robin into a traditional League of Assassins uniform. His thinly armored red tunic is designed in a formal fashion with a short but high collar and a pair of yellow straps in the front.

This descends into a trilogy of front flaps over his upper legs, giving him an almost paladin-like appearance. His pants and undershirt are both matching shades of black and grey, though both are encased in dark-green armor and gloves, with flashy red laces winding up his boots. His utility belt is bulkier than his predecessors’ bulkier but fails to break up the smooth flow of his uniform. This is perhaps due to the piece de resistance of his outfit: his cape. Unlike the other Robins who wore squared capes, Damian uses a jagged, hooded cape for both stealth and offensive purposes. A green domino mask a Robin emblem complete the picture, mostly for posterity’s sake.


It’s hard to believe that the character colloquially known as Garth was once a sickly, gray-skinned wimp in a dopey red uniform who dared to call himself Aqualad. It took a while, but he’s since transformed both his name and his body to ‘Tempest’ and into what can only be described as a comic book hunk. And of all his looks throughout the years, his current "Rebirth" costume is probably the best.

Topped with a confident head of black hair and well-groomed facial hair, his costume is made up mostly of a one-piece swim suit made of layered blue scale armor.

His shoulders are adorned with silver and gray inlays which match those around his waist that plunge into a deep belt. Starting at this ornate belt, his pants become a darker blue and lose the scale design, making them lighter and easier to both fight and swim in. A pair of small fins extend from the back of his calves and the uniform itself ends halfway down his feet, leaving him open to control the currents with his legs. Everything was tied up in a neat little bow by some seriously sweet Atlantean tribal tattoos running up and down his arms.


Cassie Sandsmark has run through a veritable costume shop of outfits over the years, beginning with that weird wig and leather jacket combo that she sported in the pages of Young Justice to the sword and sandals costume that her future self wore in "Titans of Tomorrow". But one of her best and most memorable looks was her classic jean and sleeveless shirt look. The look is a fierce expression of self, superimposed over traditional Wonder Woman symbology. Her indestructible silver bracelets are matched by a series of silver stars that adorn the side of her skinny jeans.

This leads down to a pair of high-heel boots and up to a black belt adorned with a silver double ‘W.’ But the real talking point of the outfit is her shirt. A rich and eye-catching red fringed with gold lining with an ornate gilded eagle across her chest, the shirt itself actually sags a little against her frame, giving it a very laid-back feeling while retaining a sense of formality and authority. After all, nothing makes you look more in control than being an absolute boss while treating every day like casual Friday. The only thing that could make her look more coolly confident? A pair of ruby red star earrings that rest right up against the peaks of her cheekbones.


Beast Boy has always had poor luck when it comes to appearance. Not because he has fuzzy green skin, pointed ears, and teeth an orthodontist would run screaming from, but because those should all be positive physical traits in a comic book universe yet none of his many uniforms have successfully taken advantage of them. His original red and white outfit clashed horribly with his green body, his New 52 suit was the same Tron-inspired schlock as the other heroes unlucky enough to be affiliated with the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. storylines, and while his white and purple uniform came close to the mark, his best look to date was the one he used in the Teen Titans cartoon.

The black and purple combo worked particularly well with his skin, which was intentionally darkened to more smoothly integrate with his uniform.

He sported a deconstructed silver belt, a pair of wide-wristed grey gloves, and, of all things, purple combat boots. The costume itself was super simple, consisting only of the black jumpsuit with one giant purple stripe down the center of his torso. But that was actually perfect for the hero formerly known as Changeling, who could coast on the wave of popularity generated by his deceptively sensitive personality and didn’t need to rely on any visible gimmick beyond that.


New 52 is responsible for a lot of horrible looks and stories. From Beast Boy being red to Lobo looking like a frat bro to Power Girl having to be vacuum sealed into her new outfit, the series has a lot to answer for. But give the artists and writers credit; when they got it right, they got it dead right. And there is perhaps no greater example of this phenomenon than the redesign of Red Robin. Ditching the standard Robin uniform, Tim Drake decided to craft himself a sleek red and black outfit with criss-crossing yellow utility belts and armbands. The classic color combination gives him an immediately flowing look that makes every movement on the page seem practiced and deliberate.

The utility belt around his waist is gry and a bit clumsy looking, but he makes it work by juxtaposing it with a series of smaller, more compact belts that lace across his chest and combine at a circular black emblem over his chest. His gauntlets contain additional padding and storage compartments, similar to the red armor plates across his legs but yellow in color. His use of a standard domino mask may be unremarkable, but the real joy of his outfit is the set of red fiber wings that make up his cape.


Donna Troy has never had it easy as a character. Originally billed as Wonder Woman’s little sister, she debuted wearing what amounted to a kid-friendly version of William Marston’s original Wonder Woman one-piece. After a brief run with the original Teen Titans, she left for a while before coming back as one of the best looking superhero redesigns ever. The first and most immediate improvement was that she’d pulled out her ponytail and let her flowing black hair wreath around her face and upper body. Her  T-shirt combo was gone in favor of a bright red one piece suit which began with a pair of black leather boots, extended into red pants lined with white or gold stars depending on the issue.

This locked through a golden belt with the Wonder symbol on the buckle to a frankly salacious top half which essentially was the northern portion of a cocktail dress with a continuing line of stars up the side and chest.

This not only opened up her freedom of movement considerably, but it showed off her naturally impressive physique. Donna also wore the traditional indestructible silver bracelets associated with the Amazon warriors and a pair of red star earrings for added effect.


If there was ever a Teen Titan who got unfairly slept on, it was Mal Duncan. To be fair, it was hard to care about him when he couldn’t keep his look, powers, or even name consistent. Alternately known as Guardian, Herald, and the Hornblower (no, really), he had his greatest success and best appearance as the mute superhero Vox. As Vox, he wore a futuristic blue outfit that included a sick hooded cloak, a cybernetic chest piece that allowed him to speak, and the coolest piece of clothing anyone could possibly wear: parachute pants. Apart from the obviously awesome elements of his uniform, he also sported a pair of sophisticated tech gauntlets which blended seamlessly into his sleeves and expanded up into his shoulder pads.

They matched his boots which were also the base for his baggy pants. His belt is particularly interesting, a blue strap with a trapezoid belt buckle. He doesn’t have an official symbol, but the blank trapezoid almost feels fitting in a way, based solely on how readers tend to brush him off as ‘just Bumblebee’s boyfriend.’ The whole ensemble was shrouded under a swooping blue cape that wrapped around him like fabric fog. But even if he were to wrap himself in a comforter, it wouldn’t be able to contain the stupid levels of cool those parachute pants carry.


Duela Dent, the Joker’s daughter, is kind of a… weird character to say the least. Her backstory, as far as anyone seems to be able to tell or keep straight, is that she’s the daughter of the Jester and Three-Face, the Earth-3 versions of the Joker and Two-Face. How she came to Earth Prime, whose side she’s really on, and what she even wants seems to change issue to issue, as befitting of a relative of an alternate reality Joker. She literally joined the Teen Titans on a whim and was originally a member of Deathstroke’s team before Raven simply asked her to join the side of good.

But just because she’s insane doesn’t mean she can’t be fashionable, as is evidenced by her now-classic steampunk outfit.

A favorite on the cosplay circuit, the costume consists of an orange, metallic corset, black leather garters holding up pink and green stockings, a pulled back purple skirt, matching opera gloves and shoulder pads inscribed with golden gears and studs, and all topped off with a lovely top hat, a pair of steampunk goggles, and a purple sash for good measure. This is a ridiculously intricate uniform, filled with several connected pieces and straps. It’s no wonder it’s everywhere at conventions; costume designers love the challenge and the crazy, sultry results that come from their labor.


Cyborg has been one of the true homegrown Teen Titans success stories. Beginning as what amounted to a token black character in 1980, he quickly morphed into a complex and deep character who has by now become more synonymous with the Justice League than with his humble Titans origins. A part of the reason behind that is because in his original Titans form, he didn’t look all that cool. With an exposed chest and striped metal, he looked more like a dude wearing a silly silver jumpsuit than a half-machine half-human. Though he’s since changed considerably in the comics, the best look he ever had was on the Teen Titans cartoon.

His stocky build was accentuated by white, grey, and black outer casings that was bulky where it needed to be and sleek where necessary. Futuristic blue armor pads run up his arms and over his head to emphasize his advanced machinery. Interestingly, his feet are spiked like cleats, a reference to Victor Stone’s all-star football player past. One of the best aspects of his cartoon look was his hands. Not the appendages themselves, but rather what he could do with them. When they morphed into his signature arm cannons, the transformation was so intricate and precise that viewers could see where his fingers had gone in the context of the weapon. Ray Fisher eat your heart out.


It’s not that Kid Flash has ever had a bad costume per say, the classic half-yellow, half-red outfit has always done a good job of underlining his quick-witted personality while paying homage to his more famous mentor. It’s just never really changed from his original inception. Surprisingly, one of the best of the few reimaginings of his look came from the much-derided New 52, where Kid Flash got a much needed and much deserved upgrade to look like a certified boss.

His yellow parts were traded in for gilded plating and the red pants were subdued into a smooth scarlet.

Where once he had an unbroken upper body section, he now sported a pair of red lightning bolts that mantled his shoulders and dripped down into his torso like a sewn in shawl. His new gloves matched this with a flexible outer casing that was solid red and led to a few lightning stripes around his forearms. A pair of lightning flash emblems adorned his shoulder pads to replace the empty space on his chest. All of this worked wonderfully with the flickering streaks of yellow lightning that his use of the Speed Force generated around his body as well as the mid-length auburn hair that he left exposed at the top of his head.


The reinvention of Blue Beetle as Jaime Reyes will undoubtably go down as one of the best new directions DC comics has taken one of their oldest IPs for quite some time. And because of the creative ingenuity that went into remaking his character, or perhaps because of it, the artists had to give him a sweet new look to carry onto the page. The bright blue of his outer armor plating stood strong against the his black inner coverings. The positioning of these blue plates is crucial, as they’re mostly centered around his back and upper chest. Not only does this draw attention to the scarab attached to his spine, the source of his powers, it also has a passing resemblance to a high-tech backpack, possibly alluding to Jaime’s youth.

The division of the armor is also intriguing. The separation between the levels and plates of his armor emphasizes the suit’s role as an exoskeleton to defend a living life form within it. The helmet is pretty cool as well, made from a material that allows Jaime’s facial expressions to bleed through and covered with a unique design that could only be of alien origin. Though the most iconic element to his uniform is, of course, the pair of giant blue pincers that rise behind his head.


Cassie Sandsmark is one of only three Teen Titans to double up on this list and of those three, she’s the only one that manages such a feat on pure creative aesthetic. After abandoning her black wig and leather over jacket, Cassie came into her own and experienced a burst of self-confidence, which was reflected in her redesigned red outfit.

Immediately and primarily invoking the symbolic color of passion and love, her new uniform consisted of a pair of tight red leather pants clasped with gray belt and filled out by a calf-high pair of black boots.

Her top started just bellow her chest, leaving the majority of her midriff exposed. A giant pair of yellow ‘W’s covered most of her shirt in the famous Wonder Woman fashion and she sported a black headband to keep her blonde trusses out of her hair, occasionally replaced by a blue hair scrunchie. Her silver bracelets worked well with her outfit despite not complimenting or mixing with any of her other colors. Eventually, she even painted a pair of red stars on her bracelets as an additional reference to her Amazon mentor. Overall, it’s the best look she’s had which, despite having some ups and downs over the years, still means a lot.


Despite being one of the first Teen Titans, it really does feel like Lilith ‘Omen’ Clay has only been getting proper representation as a character in the current Rebirth line. A part of why might be that the precognitive psychic has never looked better. Draped in an all black base body suit, Lilith worked outwards with a sickly green color that wraps around her until it reaches a solid green cloak and hood combo piece. Her face is covered by a green shawl that drops down in front of her body and a black cowl that extends from her body suit. Beneath that is a wide, green and black collar that clasps her green cape over a pair of pointed shoulder pads.

Over the body suit, she wears a black dress with green lacing up the bottom, which is open enough to ensure her freedom of movement. Her wrists are covered in concentric green circles which lace up towards her green palms. In general, she looks perfect for her role in the Titans, mysterious, dark, and maybe just a little god-like. This overall sensibility is aided by her glowing green eyes and subdued flair for the dramatic. Though it took her almost fifty years to do it, Omen finally looks like a legit Titan.


Starfire has always been a character that skirted around controversy. As a hyper-passionate fish-out-of-water archetype, she’s more than once been accused of being over-exposed due to her often very revealing outfits. These have ranged from what amounts to an alien bikini to a full-bodied armored leotard. And it’s the later that makes this list due to its stylish use of aesthetic. Though not revealing, it’s still very sultry due to Starfire’s natural beauty and poise. The leotard itself is purple, it’s always been the perfect color to reflect off her orange skin and red hair, but the armor strapped over it is a light blue, matched with the one-piece’s fringes.

She wears fingerless opera gloves and thigh-high boots that match the color scheme.

By the way, those boots? Stilettos of course. Her knuckles are topped with metal studs to give her a more aggressive, dangerous edge to her look. The crowning jewel of her outfit is a literal gem, a circular emerald studded into the center of her chest. Though the green looks a bit wonky against the purple, they perfectly match her eyes and make them pop against her orange complexion. Overall, it encapsulates everything that has always made her outfits iconic without resorting to sexual exploitation. Classy.


One thing that Donna Troy has always lacked is consistency. It makes sense in a strange way, she was character that writers could openly mess around with creatively while ensuring that they weren’t mucking up a symbolic character because she wasn’t as important as Wonder Woman and that fans would still care about what they did with her because she was still popular in her own right. This led to a lot of continuity, names, and costume changes. But one costume that stood out among the rest was her iconic Darkstar outfit.

Essentially just a black version of her classic red uniform, it was marked by a starfield design that seemed to shift as she moved, making it look like she was literally wearing the cosmos. The darker look was accentuated by her silver accessories, namely her belt, arm bands, choker, earrings, and her traditional silver bracelets. This was all more than fitting as her backstory at the time had been reimagined to make her a multi-dimensional traveler, so literally wearing space was very much on the table in terms of things that were possible. Plus, it just looked incredible and none of her subsequent uniforms, no matter how similar, have come close to comparing.


The original sidekick grew up into his own hero and, after a brief, weird, and glorious disco phase, found his niche look in a sleek, black and blue body suit. The beauty of Nightwing’s look is in its simplicity. It would possible and even practical for him to go over the top and adopt a similar appearance to his mentor, but he chose to go with a more ninja-like uniform devoid of cape or cowl. He has no need for a utility belt or an arsenal of tools, all he’s ever needed is his wits, a few weapons, and his training, which is emphasized by the brutally minimalist design of his bird-shaped emblem.

These are one of only two blue sources on his entire outfit, the other being a pair of bracers around his upper ankles.

His gloves are padded for extra punching power and his domino mask protects his identity, but apart from that and a pair of holsters on his back for his escrima sticks, he could basically be wearing the green man suit and be fighting crime. Which has sort of a poetic edge to it considering that Nightwing has no special powers, he’s essentially just another dude. So with a black body suit and some sticks, you too could be as awesome a superhero as he is. Disclaimer: do not actually try this at home.


After the Young Justice cartoon took off like wildfire and became more popular than DC executives had anticipated, they had to scramble to include the new version of Aqualad in the comics and ended up shoehorning a different version of him into the "Brightest Day" storyline. Retconned as into ‘Jackson Hyde,’ his look was clearly modeled off of the animated costume, but it took several creative liberties which put it in an overall new direction. The red sleeveless armor top remained, but it was now lined with gold inlays designed to look like gills. His belt was wider in the comics and gilded as well, making his ‘A’ shaped belt buckle blend more with his outfit.

His pants were relatively unchanged, remaining dark blue and tight, but didn’t include the fins that the cartoon version used. The icing on the cake was a set of seashell and shark teeth necklaces that were completely unique to Hyde. His physical look had also changed, with Hyde being a bit shorter and stockier than Kaldur’ahm and sporting short dreadlocks as opposed to a blond crew cut. It might have been a borrowed look, but it stood out among the others and had a unique flair that emphasized every strength the character had.


No Teen Titan before or since has ever come close to matching the instantly-iconic look that Raven debuted in her very first appearance. So much so that her multitude of other looks, no matter how stunning, don’t make this list based on the sheer fact that they have to measure up to this smooth swirl of sophistication, sensuality, and sorcery. Her purple cloak could rise behind her like a pair of dark, velvet angle wings or swoop around her in a withdrawn defense.

The cloak was clasped by silver emblems which rest below her hood.

Though she’s not the first fictional character to use the shadow of their hood as a mask, nobody has pulled it off better than Raven, who’s eyes shine white out of the darkness and are framed by a pair of gleaming golden earrings. The hood itself is also notable as it’s crested peak is indicative of her avian namesake. The rest of her look is made up by a ravishing purple dress that clings to her like a needy boyfriend and a pair of matching opera gloves. The outfit is completed with a pair of jeweled rings given to her by her mentor, the Azar of Azarath. Overall, she looks downright stunning and, for lack of a better word, magical, the perfect outfit for an antichrist trying to be an angel.

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