DC Teases A Secret That Will 'Change the Way You Look at Robin, Forever'


Following his interstellar adventure as a member of the Justice League, Robin's going to lead an all-new team of Teen Titans -- but Damian Wayne's got more cooking than a new group of teenage heroes to train.

In the wake of DC's massive summer event Justice League: No Justice, the creative team of Adam Glass and Bernard Chang will introduce readers to new characters Roundhouse and D'jinn, who will join Damian, Kid Flash, Red Arrow and Lobo's daughter, Crush. But, as revealed in the solicitations for Teen Titans #20, Glass and Chang's first issue, the new team is only part of the story.

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Below the team's new headquarters, Robin is keeping a secret that's so hush-hush, even his father, Batman, is unaware of it. The solicitation text is intentionally vague, but it promises to "change the way you look at Robin forever," so it's likely not good news.

What's more, the solicitation text for Titans #23, by Dan Abnett and Brandon Peterson, indicates that whatever Robin's got going on beneath his team's home base is massive enough that it will affect Nightwing's new team, as well.

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Teen Titans #20, written by Adam Glass and drawn by Bernard Chang, arrives in stores Wednesday, July 4. You can check out the issue's complete solicitation text below.


  • written by ADAM GLASS
  • art and cover by BERNARD CHANG
  • variant cover by BABS TARR
  • Batman has no idea what he’s doing. Superman? Not a clue. Wonder Woman? Whatever. Damian Wayne is Robin, and he’s done with the bleeding-heart approach favored by the heroes of the senior circuit. New plan of action: recruit a new Teen Titans. Kid Flash, Red Arrow and newbies Roundhouse, D’jinn and…wait, Lobo has a daughter? That’ll end well. And then build something in secret deep beneath the new Teen Titans HQ. Secret from his teammates, secret from even Batman. It’s a secret that will change the way you look at Robin forever!
  • ON SALE 07.04.18

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