It's Time for Teen Titans' Beast Boy to Get His Own Comic

The following contains spoilers for Teen Titans #17-19 by Ben Percy, Scott Eaton, Wayne Faucher, and Jim Charalampidis.

More than just one of its most popular teams, DC's Teen Titans are one of the companies most popular brands, thanks in no small part to the original 2003 animated series. In the 15 years since the show ended, various members of that team's incarnation have gotten solo comics, either as ongoing titles or short lived miniseries. All four of the Robins have or had solo books while being Titans, as have Cyborg, Raven and Starfire. The odd man out here is the green-skinned Garfield Logan, aka Beast Boy. Since his debut in Doom Patrol #99 by Arnold Drake and Bob Brown in 1965, the shapeshifting Titan has largely been relegated to comic relief, and as a result has not gotten the same headlining opportunities as his friends.

As the current run of Teen Titans ends, Beast Boy finds himself at an impasse. Following the conclusion of "Super Sons of Tomorrow," and seeing the older version of his friend Tim Drake sacrifice himself while Titans Tower was destroyed during, Gar finds himself frustrated with how bad things seem to be going. After flying away from the remains of the Tower, Gar soon gets approached by a young woman named Joran who runs a tech company called Nevrland with a staff made up of fellow youths that she dubs "Lost Boys," all of whom are victims of bullying, neglect, abuse or homelessness.

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Having become enthralled with Beast Boy since he started branching out as a media personality after Tim's team of Titans moved to New York years ago, Joran asks him to become the spokesman for her product: the Pixie, a piece of VR biotech that allows the user to live in a fantasy world of their choosing where they're the hero and get to escape their problems. From there, you pretty can guess the direction of the story, Joran, and its outcome, but the three-issue arc dubbed "It's Not Easy Being Green" is still a fascinating read regardless for what it does to the most unchanged Teen Titan.

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