Teen Titans' Adam Glass Teases a New Love Triangle and the Debut of Lobo

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Teen Titans #29 by Adam Glass, Bernard Chang, Marcelo Maiolo and Andworld Design, on sale Wednesday, April 17.

Robin has been keeping secrets from the Teen Titans, and with the title's crossover with Deathstroke, those secrets are finally coming to the surface. Damian Wayne's secret prison for supervillains added its newest inmate with Slade Wilson, but the World's Deadliest Assassin was able to escape and began toying with the teenage superheroes.

Kid Flash wasn't thrilled to find out Robin's been playing Judge and Jury with their enemies, but once new teammates like Djinn, Crush and Roundhouse learn the news, it could possibly tear the Teen Titans apart. Something else that may cause tension within the team are a couple of blossoming romances. Robin and Djinn obviously have a special connection, and almost shared a kiss. But with this week's Teen Titans #29, writer Adam Glass and artist Bernard Chang deliver a surprising kiss between teammates, which has the potential to set up an explosive love triangle.

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Glass sat down with CBR to discuss Issue #29's developments, the kiss and new love triangle, Teen Titans' involvement with DC's Year of the Villain and Crush's father, the Main Man Lobo.

CBR: I like how you and Priest have juggled the plots in this crossover. We've had action, personal character moments with each main cast member and the question of will Robin take Deathstroke up on his offer to kill him. Can you discuss what that juggling act is like when crafting this story?

Adam Glass: I grew up loving George Perez’s original take on the Teen Titans and Deathstroke, but one of the things I was trying to do on the book was set up a new generation of Teen Titans. With Deathstroke I always wanted to include him, but at first I thought it was too early in my run. I didn’t want to do it originally, to be honest with you.

So I talked to our editor, Alex Antone, and as we started to think more of what the story would be, I started to wrap my head around what it would be. Then Mr. Priest and I sat down at the DC offices and we talked about how the story should work and also storytelling as a whole. Then cut to New York Comic Con and we had a signing together and talked some more and it turned into us feeding off each other’s energies.

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I run TV shows for a living and work in writers rooms, so I’m used to that collaboration. Plus, he thinks in a way that I don’t, and I can’t write all of that Deathstroke IKON suit stuff, so he can go places that I can’t and it helps us complement each other. Another quick story about that is in the first part of the crossover, I started to wonder how would the Teen Titans get the drop on Deathstroke? And I was sitting up in the green room of New York Comic Con and Marv Wolfman came in, who I’ve become friends with over the years, and I had this idea and ran it by him. I said what if Slade, who has done everything to cover his tracks and is ten moves ahead of everyone else, has this one thing from his past that he can’t let go of? Marv asked what would that be, and I said for me, I’ve followed my barber around for 12 years. What if Slade kept the same barber from back in his military days? And Marv just loved it.

And when I pitched it to Priest, who I think has a very high standard of storytelling, he said he loved that idea. Now that may not totally answer your question [laughs], but that gives you an idea of how it all works.

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