DC's Teen Titans Gains New Roster, Creative Team in July

DC Comics has announced that Teen Titans will take on a new direction with a new creative team and a different cast of characters.

The announcement was made on Saturday afternoon at Wondercon, during a panel led by DC Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee. Following the events of Dark Nights: Metal, Teen Titans will be written by television writer Adam Glass (SupernaturalCriminal Minds: Beyond Borders), with art from Bernard Chang.

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Teen Titans cover by Bernard Chang

Following up on the recently announced Teen Titans Special #1 by Glass and Robson Rocha, the new team will consist of Damian Wayne, Kid Flash, Red Arrow aka Emiko Queen. Robin will be leading several completely new characters as well, including someone who is billed to be the daughter of The Last Czarnian Lobo, if you can believe it.

Following the departure of previous ongoing writer Benjamin Percy with issue #19, it was believed that the book would be cancelled in the wake of Justice League: No Justice. Instead, Glass and Robson Rocha will release the special issue on sale June 27, which will serve as something of a new #1. The story will then continue where the main title left off,  with Teen Titans #20 in July.

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