Teen Titans #92

This issue takes the second half of a two-part crossover with "Red Robin" and throws some Titans at it. It is very much a Robin/Red Robin story, and as such it settles who will be joining the Teen Titans in battle on a regular basis. Krul dials up the thoughts of Damian and Tim with specific regards to one another and then adds in the opinions of a couple other Titans, giving this issue a pinch more teen angst.

This month's "Teen Titans" opens with the Titans trying to stop an explosive situation. Calculator's carrying a grudge against the Titans and Wonder Girl, in particular, for the fate that fell upon his son, Marvin. This issue deals with that and a whole gaggle of exploding Calculator androids.

While the story itself is a clean enough (if somewhat pedestrian) read, a few times throughout the story there are panels where the placement of the word balloons guides the context of the story mildly off-track. A simple realignment would have helped maintain the flow quite nicely.

Jeanty's art is raggedy and sketchy, leaving the pages appearing somewhat incomplete. Maybe I've been spoiled by the stuff Nicola Scott's brought to this book of late, but the art in this issue just left me wanting. Jeanty's good on the storytelling and keen on filling the panels, but the figures themselves where a bit too jagged and impish for my preference. Some of those figures are a little too similar as well. Calculator's video clips (or still images) of Kid Eternity look a little too much like Calculator himself. Jeanty does, however, provide a nice slice of the animal kingdom for Gar to shift through, dialing up a pteranodon, rhino, and weasel.

"Teen Titans" is a book that is finally starting to settle on the path it should be taking. There's a roster decision made in this issue that is certain to impact the story as it continues to grow. The team is settling down a bit and Krul is figuring out how he wants the team to interact and react. This is a promising issue offering hope for issues to come, as we are promised a new member in the form of Solstice in the next issue.

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