Teen Titans #6

"Teen Titans" #6 picks up the pieces from the Titans' fight with Superboy, opening with the team on the run and facing down a squad of New York police officers led by Detective Jocelyn Lure. Lure's will have a continued presence in "Teen Titans," as evidenced by her appearance throughout this issue, serving as a threat to the teens in the opening.

Creators in the New 52 want to isolate the titles as free-standing comics. However, when they reach back into history and bring up a subplot focusing on the apparently life-threatening molecular instability of Kid Flash, comparisons will be made. That said, Scott Lobdell builds a significant amount of story around Kid Flash in this issue: his powers are given parameters, a mysterious Interlac-speaking authoritative figure is tailing him and we're clued in to a sliver of Kid Flash's life prior to the series.

Kid Flash's power problems lead the team to S.T.A.R. Labs and an encounter with Virgil Hawkins (a.k.a. Static, but not in this issue). Hawkins functions as an entry point for the reader to gain familiarity with the Titans and their situation, while S.T.A.R. Labs provides an ample setting to give the Titans a new foe and allow them to show off a bit.

Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund showcase their talent throughout this issue, delivering cartoonish art packed with energy. The cartoon quality in Booth's art plays to the awkwardness of the teens and vice versa. Andrew Dalhouse's coloring accentuates Booth and Rapmund's work, really adding cohesiveness to the visuals, especially the scenes featuring Kid Flash's control issues.

Lobdell does a good job illuminating the characters throughout this issue, teasing powers, subplots and interactions while building up the team dynamic. Virgil Hawkins added to the mix brings some stability to the team by offering a connection to the broader universe beyond their membership. Able to be enjoyed independently of the tussle with Superboy, this issue certainly takes on a more impressive sheen when placed in the context of the universe "Superboy" #6 provides. The Titans are rooted in the DC Universe nicely but need more of a purpose than is found in this issue. The team is coming together, so maybe from here their purpose will be more clearly defined.

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