EXCLUSIVE: Teen Titans #31 Shows How Lobo Learned About His Daughter, Crush

The final page of Teen Titans #30 showed the first meeting between team member Crush and her absentee father Lobo, but it isn't until the next issue where we learn how the bounty hunter learned of his daughter's existence in the first place. And now, you don't have to wait until Wednesday. when Teen Titans #31 is released, because CBR has your exclusive first look with that information, right here.

Writer Adam Glass and artist Bernard Chang have been building to this moment for nearly a year, and it won't be a happy reunion. We've already seen dad grab Crush by her throat, and in the preview below, we learn that he only found out she was alive through a bounty being taken out on her head -- and at triple his regular fee, no less.

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Why someone (referred to only as "The Other") would want to kill Crush, much less why they wet out of their way to hire her father to handle the job, remains a mystery. The one thing that's pretty certain is that Crush isn't gonna go down without a fight.

Check out our complete preview, plus the solicitation copy and Alex Garner's variant cover, below. Teen Titans #31, by Adam Glass and Bernard Change, arrives in stores Wednesday, June 19.

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  • written by ADAM GLASS
  • art and cover by BERNARD CHANG
  • variant cover by ALEX GARNER
  • Lobo brought Crush into this world…and now he’s gonna take her out! But the timing couldn’t be worse for the Teen Titans, with Damian’s secret prison exposed to the rest of the team, not to mention Deathstroke’s death looming over them—can the team put their drama aside to help Crush battle her deadbeat dad? Or will Lobo be the final nail in the coffin for the newest Teen Titans?
  • ON SALE 06.19.19
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
  • FC | RATED T
  • This issue will ship with two covers.
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