'Teen Titans' #3 sells out

Official Press Release

Just two days after reaching stores on September 10, TEEN TITANS #3 (JUL030211) is sold out at DC Comics. This marks the third consecutive sold-out issue for the series, including second and third printings of issue #1.

"We're psyched about this," says writer Geoff Johns, "because it means we can keep working on TEEN TITANS for a long while to come."

"I'm happier than Elmer Fudd on the first day of duck-hunting season that TEEN TITANS has been so well received," says penciller Mike McKone. "This has been a dream job from the beginning, and the amazingly enthusiastic reaction of TITANS fans new and old has done nothing but enhance that. I know Geoff and Eddie Berganza will join me in thanking everyone for their very generous support."

"Orders for TEEN TITANS #3 were higher than they were for issue #2, and that still wasn't enough copies," says Vince Letterio, DC's Manager - Direct Sales. "Now is the time for retailers to increase their orders on upcoming issues, before those sell out as well."

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