EXCLUSIVE: Teen Titans #24 Proves Which Member is the Most Powerful

Comic readers love to debate which hero or villain is the strongest, but physical strength doesn't;t always make one more powerful than another. As an example, we can look at DC Comics' current Teen Titans team. Sure, Crush (Lobo's teenage daughter) is able to prevent Robin, Kid Flash and the rest from being, well, crushed under the debris of a fallen building, but when it comes to actually saving her new teammates, the half-Czarnian's abilities fall short.

Robin can't get the young heroes out of this predicament, nor can Roundhouse, and Kid Flash's powers would likely only make the situation worse. This time, the team needs the help of one of its missing members, Djinn. A new addition to the DC Universe, Djinn is a hero with magic-based powers, who may be an actual genie. Not only can she fly, shape-shift and literally possess other beings (among other powers), the immortal Djinn is also able to teleport herself and others. In other words, she's the perfect solution to the Titans' current problem -- if Crush can hold out until Damian is able to contact her, that is.

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Teen Titans #24, by Adam Glass and Bernard Chang, hits stores Wednesday, November 21. Check out the entire preview, along with the issues' official solicitation copy, below.


  • written by ADAM GLASS
  • art and cover by BERNARD CHANG
  • variant cover by ALEX GARNER
  • The Teen Titans bring the house down in this issue—and it just might crush them to death! Set up by the mysterious villain known as the Other, the Teen Titans find themselves trapped beneath a crumbling building. The only thing between them and a dirt nap: Crush’s bench-pressing the entire complex. But how long can she hold out? The Titans race the clock against gravity, muscle fatigue and getting squashed like a bug. Plus, Damian’s secret mentor is revealed, and Robin realizes there’s a traitor in their midst!
  • ON SALE 11.21.18
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
  • FC | RATED T

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