EXCLUSIVE: Teen Titans #20 Starts a New Era with a New Lineup

Story by
Art by
Bernard Chang
Colors by
Marcelo Maiolo
Letters by
Rob Leigh
Cover by
DC Comics

The first issue of DC's relaunched Justice League hits comic book retailers this week, but that's not the only fresh direction for one of the publisher's classic super-teams. In July, Teen Titans #20 debuts, boasting "new blood, new mission, new attitude," along with the new creative team of writer Adam Glass and artist Bernard Chang. CBR has the exclusive first look at the issue, part of DC's larger "New Justice" initiative.

Glass and Chang are set to introduce a new Teen Titans team, combining established characters Robin, Kid Flash and Red Arrow, along with the newly introduced Djinn, Roundhouse and Crush, the already highly publicized illegitimate daughter of Lobo. Robin is set to put the team together, and the below pages show Damian taking the first steps to form the new squad.

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"One of the things that we've talked about is, they're kids," Glass told CBR. "They maybe don't have it all together yet. They make mistakes. They're sloppy. They're trying to jell. This team has a lot of conflict, both externally and internally, as they try to figure their way out and maneuver their way though this new world. It's very different than the world of past superhero teams -- things aren't as black and white anymore. There's a lot of grey. As a hero, you have to approach it in a very different way."

For Chang, a veteran of multiple DC titles including Batman Beyond, Green Lantern Corps and most recently Nightwing, taking on Teen Titans is a professional dream come true.

"Back when I started at DC in '08, I had a meeting with Dan DiDio," Chang said. "Initially, he had offered me Teen Titans, but I felt like it was a very daunting book -- there's a lot of history, and there are a lot of expectations. Ten years, fast forward to now, I feel like I have enough confidence to tackle such a historic book, with characters old and new. I feel a bit of youthful rejuvenation that I hope to bring to the title."

CBR's preview of Teen Titans #20, scheduled for release on July 25, follows below. Keep reading CBR for our full interview with Adam Glass and Bernard Chang on their plans for Teen Titans.

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