'Teen Titans' #2 gets a second printing

Official Press Release

With reader enthusiasm for TEEN TITANS continuing to build, DC Comics has sent the sold out second issue of the series back to press. TEEN TITANS #2 Second Printing (JUN035296) features a new cover by Mike McKone & Marlo Alquiza that was first seen in Wizard magazine. It is scheduled to be in stores on October 1.

"It's just great to see the readers, retailers and DC supporting the book like this," says Geoff Johns. "Mike, Marlo, Jeromy, Comicraft, Eddie, Tom and myself thank you all."

"The first issue of TEEN TITANS sold out three printings, so it's no secret that demand for this series is very strong," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales & Marketing. "Going back to press on this issue will help retailers bring new readers on board."

TEEN TITANS #2 Second Printing (JUN035296) is available for order now and is scheduled to arrive in stores on October 1 with a cover price of $2.50 U.S. This new printing has an order increase cut-off date of Sunday, September 21. Retailers may place orders by contacting their Diamond Customer Service Representative or DC Sales Representative.

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