'Teen Titans' #2, 'Arrowsmith' #2 and 'Planetar/Batman' all sell out

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DC Comics continues its run of sold-out issues with TEEN TITANS #2 (JUN030201), ARROWSMITH #2 (JUN030211), and PLANETARY/BATMAN: NIGHT ON EARTH (STAR18888).

TEEN TITANS #2 sold out at the publisher five days before its in-store date of August 13. This follows the sell-outs of two second printings of TEEN TITANS #1.

"We couldn't be happier that TEEN TITANS is continuing to find its way into the hands of so many readers, new and old," says writer Geoff Johns. "And we're just getting warmed up."

Following the sell-out of Cliffhanger's ARROWSMITH #1, issue #2 sold out at DC one day before its in-store date of August 20.

"Two issues, two sellouts - I'm delighted," says writer Kurt Busiek. "Carlos and I wanted to do ARROWSMITH because we liked the idea, but we knew that a genre-bending period-fantasy-war-adventure-alternate-reality series might not be the easiest sell in the world, so we're thrilled that readers seem to want to read it as much as we want to do it."

"Of course, we're pleased to see the momentum on these titles continuing," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales & Marketing. "As always, we urge retailers to increase their orders on upcoming issues."

In addition, the WildStorm Prestige Format Special PLANETARY/BATMAN: NIGHT ON EARTH has sold out at the publisher.

"We printed what should have been enough copies of PLANETARY/BATMAN for at least six months," says WildStorm Group Editor Scott Dunbier. "To have it sell out in eight weeks shows how much demand there is for new stories by Warren Ellis and John Cassaday...good thing PLANETARY #16 hits stores next week!"

DC has no plans to go back to press on these issues, but continues to evaluate all sold-out titles on a case-by-case basis.

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