'Teen Titans' #1 sells out at DC

Official Press Release

Nine days before its on-sale date of July 16, TEEN TITANS #1 (MAY030201) has sold out at DC Comics. This makes four sold-out debut issues for DC in under three weeks.

"I couldn't be happier that the excitement for TEEN TITANS has grown so much, so fast," says writer Geoff Johns. "Mike McKone, Marlo Alquiza, Jeromy Cox, Eddie Berganza and everyone else involved have been pouring their passion into this book for months now and I can't wait for readers to see the results."

"The momentum that began with TEEN TITANS/YOUNG JUSTICE: GRADUATION DAY continues to build with this very early sell-out," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales & Marketing. "It's a strong indicator of reader enthusiasm for the series, so retailers should increase their orders on both TEEN TITANS and the TEEN TITANS/YOUNG JUSTICE: GRADUATION DAY COMPENDIUM."

DC has no plans to go back to press on TEEN TITANS #1 at this time.

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