Teddy Sears Opens Up on Jay Garrick on "The Flash"

Teddy Sears may not have been let "behind the curtain" just yet but he certainly has some theories about what's behind there. And in an interview with MTV News, he revealed some of those theories and thoughts and why exactly Jay Garrick is stuck on Earth One.

"Jay Garrick is purely good," Sears told MTV in regard to Garrick's moral alignment. "Yeah, he's just a victim of having his speed stolen by Zoom, which we'll get into in episode two, and finds himself here on Earth One, and is looking to get home. But by and large is looking to defeat his arch-nemesis Zoom, which he simply cannot do without Barry's help."

Knowing Zoom has stolen Jay's speed is certainly some interesting information, but even more so, Sears seems to say that Zoom is Jay's arch enemy and not entirely Barry's arch-enemy. Of course, Zoom could just hate all Flashes.

Sears also said that Jay and Caitlin Snow end up spending "a little more time together" and find something in common that brings them closer together and helps them bond. Sears said that he didn't know whether this camaraderie blossom's into something.

However, one relationship Sears did have a lot to say about was the one between Jay Garrick and Barry Allen, which Sears described as a bit of a "coach, mentor/mentee relationship."

"I think one thing Jay brings to Barry is a sense of, 'You need to discipline yourself. You need to focus what you can do. You need to hone these things you can do. And I'm here to teach you things you didn't know you could do. Things that Barry doesn't even realize he could do, or was capable of doing here on Earth One."

As for that tease at the end of "The Flash" Season One, which saw Jay Garrick's helmet enter Earth One, leading to tons of fan theories, Sears admitted he doesn't know anything about Jay Garrick's history with Eobard Thawne.

"I don't know if I'm even privy to that! Yeah, that's the truth of it. I haven't been let behind the curtains."

"The Flash" airs Tuesdays on the CW.

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