Ted Noodleman Rides Again

Official Press Release

December 8, 2005 (San Diego, CA) - Coming this February, Ted Noodleman ridesagain, as Alias Comics offers readers a second chance to pick up thefan-acclaimed trade paperback, TED NOODLEMAN: BICYCLE DELIVERY BOY, by itsrising star creators, Jim Keplinger (SHADOWHAWK) and Ryan Ottley(INVINCIBLE)!

Ted Noodleman is a mediocre man living in mediocre times who dreams of beingmore. Born romantic and delusional, Ted spends his days delivering packageson his bicycle . but in his mind he's so much more! Superhero, Cowboy,Knight . it's all in a days work for this delivery boy!

"TED NOODLEMAN is a project that Ryan [Ottley] and I let loose and heldnothing back from - it was designed to explore and exploit genres and form,and that's exactly what he did in his many funny, off-beat, unseemly andusually undignified adventures," said writer Jim Keplinger.


Keplinger and Ottley first debuted TED NOODLEMAN as a popular web comicseries appearing on Kevin Smith's website, MoviePoopShoot.com, and then inprint with DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #8 and #12. The Alias Comics tradepaperback collects all of your favorite TED NOODLEMAN adventures in one,exciting, 96-page book!

The official Alias Comics solicitation reads:


Written by Jim Keplinger, with art by Ryan Ottley

Ted Noodleman Rides Again! Illustrated by Image Central's Top Gun, and fanfavorite artist of INVINCIBLE, Ryan 'WYA' Ottley!!! The complete works ofTed Noodleman as originally published on MoviePoopShoot.com and in DigitalWebbing Presents, all completely re-mastered and in full-color. PLUS! Brandnew Noodleman stories from many of today's rising stars of comics, PLUS!(lots o' plus's, eh?), Ryan 'WYA' Ottley's hilarious 24 hour Ted comic thatwill have you in tears, or at the very least, peeing in your pants. It'sthat funny. Seriously!

-- 96-pages, full-color trade paperback -- $9.99

"Ted Noodleman is all about the second chance," said Keplinger. "Ted himselfis unsatisfied with the life he was born to, so he uses his extraordinaryimagination to live other lives ... second lives. By re-offering TEDNOODLEMAN: BICYCLE DELIVERY BOY, Alias Comics has given Ted yet anotherlife. Ryan (Ottley) and I couldn't be happier with Alias and the faith theyhave shown in Ted. Hop on the handlebars, we're doing wheelies!"

For more information on TED NOODLEMAN, visit Alias Comics on the web athttp://www.aliasenterprises.com orvisit your local comic book shop!

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