Ted Naifeh summoning the Coven in <i>Teen Titans</i>

Somehow I missed the announcement in DC Comics' solicitations for May that Ted Naifeh, creator of Courtney Crumrin and Polly and the Pirates, is drawing the new co-feature that debuts in Teen Titans #83.

The news may provide a bit of context for the Batman sample pages and character sketches Naifeh recently posted on his website. (A multi-part backup story seems like the perfect way to test the waters.)

The co-feature, which I think replaces the Ravager story -- sorry, I haven't read the title for quite a while -- stars the Coven: Black Alice, a goth teen who can temporarily borrow the mystical powers of others; Traci Thirteen, the daughter of paranormal investigator Doctor Thirteen who can tap into the magic of cities; and Zachary Zatara, the cousin of Zatanna who can manipulate magic by speaking backward. Rex Ogle is writing the story.

On his blog, Naifeh told fans this doesn't mean he's forsaking independent comics.

"For those of you worried that I’m going to be swallowed up by the DC machine," he wrote, "rest assured that I will remain predominately an indy artist, devoted to my personal projects. But a guy has to pay the bills somehow. And frankly, I’m not above taking a few mainstream fans with me to the dark side."

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