Ted Naifeh joins <i>Batman Beyond</i>?

Last week saw the release of the new ongoing Batman Beyond series by Adam Beechen & Ryan Benjamin, and today comes a well-sourced rumor that noted independent artist Ted Naifeh (Courtney Crumrin) might be joining the book. Over on his blog this morning, Naifeh posts seven sketches of characters from Batman Beyond and an open-ended, almost rhetorical question, asking if the title needed a fill-in artist.

Back in September, Robot 6's own Kevin Melrose made the case for getting DC to put Naifeh on a Batbook -- and this might be the first signs of DC listening. In 2010 Naifeh openly lobbied for a job at DC with a series of stellar sketches of DC characters, and in May he did a back-up in Teen Titans.

Anyway, enough speculation -- Here's one of the images; click on it to jump to Naifeh's blog to see all seven.

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