Technotise Is A Success Because Of YouTubetise?

Introducing the newest, and most convoluted, way to get a movie made in Hollywood: Buy the remake rights to a foreign movie, hire someone to make a fake trailer, put it online, hope it catches someone's eye, and then snag a screenwriter from Avatar to seal the deal. It might sound ridiculous, but apparently it works.

Legendary Pictures, the company behind Chris Nolan's Batman movies amongst many others, has signed on to produce Technotise, a remake of a Serbian animated movie about a futuristic art student who gets a chip implanted in her head to help her avoid studying, thanks to screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis, who worked on both Avatar and Martin Scorcese's Shutter Island. Kalogridis' interest in the project came from this online trailer created by Jaron Pitts, the man behind a much-viewed fan trailer for Green Lantern:Pitts, it turned out, had been hired to make this trailer by two men called Scott Glassgold and Raymond Brothers - two men who just so happened to own the remake rights to the Serbian original - to create buzz for their then-non-existent project. As unlikely as that plan may sound, it worked: Through Pitts' trailer, Kalogridis came on board the project and brought it to Legendary, who now plan to produce the movie and release it through Warner Bros.

There's definitely a lesson here for all wannabe filmmakers. I'm just not so sure what it is.

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