'Tech Jacket' #'s 1 - 3 sell out, collection set for July

Official Press Release

[Tech Jacket TPB]ORANGE, CA -- 2 April, 2002 -- Image Comics has announced that Diamond has completely sold out of TECH JACKET #1-3 by Robert Kirkman and E.J. Su. Technically part of Image's new superhero line launched in January, TECH JACKET actually preceded the rest of the titles by two months, as #1 arrived in stores on November 20. TECH JACKET #2 hit the stands on December 18 and issue #3 went on sale January 29. All three books were over-shipped to retailers participating in Diamond's over-ship program.

With TECH JACKET #5 due out in two weeks, Image has also announced that a trade paperback collection has been scheduled for July. TECH JACKET: LOST & FOUND will compile the series' initial story arc as a 5" x 7" black-and-white paperback.

[Tech Jacket #5]"E.J. always wanted this to be a black-and-white book," explained Kirkman. "He grew up reading Manga, and to him comics just ARE black and white. The American in me wanted this series to be color and I had just come off doing an indie book, so I was looking forward to having a good ol' color book. E.J. eventually caved in, as long as I promised that if we did a trade paperback we did it HIS way. The first two issues of the book were previewed in black-and-white format by retailers, and I've heard a few people say they prefer E.J.'s work that way.

"I've seen some of the pages as they are going to see print in the book and I think it's going to look just swell. And who knows, maybe if sales pick up and the book becomes a huge hit, we can do a full-color, oversized hardcover containing the first 12 issues. Those seem to be popular these days."

[Tech Jacket #7]TECH JACKET follows the story of Zack Thompson, a teenage boy who comes into possession of an alien vest (the Tech Jacket) considered to be one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. The vest's creators, the Geldarians, are a race of incredibly intelligent, yet physically fragile beings. They developed the "Tech Jacket" to compensate for their frailty, and every Geldarian is equipped with one at birth. Each jacket grows and matures with its host in a symbiotic relationship that allows it to specialize in tasks that the host will find most useful. Zack's relationship with his own Tech Jacket forms the basis of the series, as he comes to grips with the immense responsibility of possessing such a powerful weapon, but it's the choices he makes and how they affect his family and friends that ultimately gives the series its heart.

"E.J. and I are very pleased with Tech Jacket's success," Kirkman added. "When the book was initially announced, people seemed to develop a lot of preconceived notions about what it was going to be about. I think we've done a good job of avoiding all that and delivering an original, exciting and lighthearted adventure tale, appropriate for young readers, yet complex enough to entertain readers of all ages."

TECH JACKET: LOST & FOUND will be available for order in the May issue of Previews and will go on sale July 2. TECH JACKET #5 will be in stores April 16.

TECH JACKET #1 is currently available free online at www.imagecomics.com.

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