Teasers Offer Insight Into "AXIS" Motivations

Marvel Comics has kicked off its teaser campaign for the upcoming "Avengers & X-Men: AXIS" event with a pair of images featuring the powered-up Red Skull on one and the 'superior' Tony Stark on the other.

While both feature art which has been previously released, they also include text which offers a bit more insight into the events set to unfold during the course of the series. The Skull appears to be making his case for Alex Summers (Havok) to switch from the side of angels to the Nazi's , while the other appears to be placing some portion of the blame for the entire situation squarely on Tony Stark's shoulders.

Written by Rick Remender and illustrated by Adam Kubert and Leinil Francis Yu, the first act of "AXIS" -- "The Red Supremacy" -- kicks off October 8.

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