TEASER: "Fear" Grips Kirkman and Adlard's "Walking Dead"

Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's next major "Walking Dead" storyline is the subject of Image Comics' latest teaser campaign. The first image released hints at things to come, featuring a mystery man wielding a rather bloody chainsaw with the phrase "Something to FEAR" underneath.

While no information accompanied the image -- no release dates, no issue numbers -- the last series of "Walking Dead" teasers gave a direct sense of what readers could expect from the corresponding arc. "No Way Out" turned out to be a classic zombie "siege" story, with wave after wave of the undead storming the fortified grounds populated by Rick and the other survivors. If this campaign follows a similar path, it's not unreasonable to think Kirkman and Adlard might be injecting aspects of yet another horror genre into their ongoing zombie epic, perhaps adding some slasher film tropes to the series' repertoire.

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