Teaser: 'Doomsday Will Reign!'

On the heels of Marvel's "Death of Spider-Man" teaser, the DC Universe blog has posted an image of the blood-dripping Superman shield under the headline "Doomsday Will Reign!"

Is this a case of good-natured ribbing from one publisher to another, or should readers expect dueling deaths -- make that "deaths" -- of two of the best-known superheroes? (Move over, Batman and Captain America -- it's Superman and Spider-Man's turn!) Or DC could simply be hinting that Doomsday will (again) awaken following the events of the recent "New Krypton" storyline.

Of course, those aren't the only possibilities. Speculation already has turned to a "Death of Superman" Absolute Edition and a Legion of Super-Heroes arc.

The bloody Superman logo debuted in November 1992 on the black bag that encased Superman #75, the conclusion of the blockbuster "Death of Superman" crossover that saw the deaths of the Man of Steel and Doomsday, the killing machine from Krypton's distant past.

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