10 Teams That Could Help The Avengers After Endgame (And 10 Forces Who Could Hinder Them)

The Avengers have a tough job ahead of them to avenge the fallen in Avengers: Endgame. With their numbers halved and their spirits at an all time low, they're going to need to bring everything they have to resolve their vendetta. One thing that needs to be considered, however, is what the universe will look like after Thanos' defeat. While there will always be villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, none before him have made an impact like Thanos. With the amount of casualties suffered by our heroes in Infinity War, Earth's Mightiest Heroes may lose even more friends by the time Endgame is through. Luckily for them, for every evil that rises up, there are heroes willing to stand up to villainy.

Younger heroes, existing allies and former enemies may answer the call. Whether to supplement the Avengers' operations or replace them in regions they can't cover, there will arise a need for heroes. The Marvel Universe is full of people who would see the Avengers' battle-worn state as as opportunity. Here on Earth, all the way to the far reaches of the Galaxy, designs will be made against them. Old scores that have yet to be settled or a forced changing of the guard could be in order. It would be foolish to ignore how well the Avengers work as a unit, so evildoers will no doubt form their own teams to take advantage of the damage done by Thanos. CBR looks forward to survey who could help the Avengers rebuild and who would try and finish them off!

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Astonishing X-Men Cassaday

With the possibility of seeing mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe more likely than ever before, one team that could help the Avengers hold back the tide is the X-Men. How mutants could be introduced remains a mystery, though there are links to the X-Men already present in the MCU.

While Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver already appeared, albeit not as mutants, they still give us an idea of how X-Men characters look alongside the Avengers. It may be the original X-Men that arrive to help Earth's Mightiest Heroes, or a different incarnation entirely. Needless to say a living, breathing Marvel Universe needs a mutant presence!


Unfortunately for the Avengers, there are good and bad in all walks of life. If the X-Men arrive to assist the heroes, there is every change the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants may be lurking, too. In the comics, both Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were members of this sinister group, though this is unlikely to be the case in the MCU.

If mutants rise after the fall of Thanos, it's understandable that some would want to send an aggressive message to the world. If Magneto is at the forefront of this incarnation, the Avengers will have yet another legendary villain to deal with.


The Defenders have already had their first outing together, though it didn't go all that smoothly. Fortunately, the apparent loss of Daredevil didn't last long, with the hero returning to Hell's Kitchen in Netflix's Daredevil season three.  With the cancellation of Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, it is unsure of this team's future.

They've proven they can work together, perhaps their individual shows' cancellations is indicative of a move to the MCU. Already existing alongside the MCU, the links are all there to transition them to the big screen. They even have ties to Cloak and Dagger, this could go a long way to knitting together the bigger picture of the MCU,


The most notorious team to tackle Spider-Man, the Sinister Six could be a problem for the Avengers, too. Though Vulture in incarcerated, he still has a score to settle with Peter after Spider-Man: Homecoming. We also saw him link up with fellow Sinister Six member, Mac Gargan, in a post-credits scene.

With Jake Gyllenhaal confirmed to be playing Mysterio in the upcoming sequel, we've got one half of a Sinister Six present in the Marvel Cinematic Universe already. How these notorious villains could come together and who will round out the six remains a mystery. Let us hope for Peter's sake they don't find the rest of their roster.


Marvel Rising Secret Warriors

In the current Marvel Comics Universe, the Secret Warriors are a team of young heroes, mentored by Captain Marvel. This could be how Marvel introduce new heroes going forward, mentored by more seasoned ones. Their roster also includes Quake, who has been active in the MCU in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Another possible incarnation of the Secret Warriors, could be Nick Fury's team.

In the comics, Nick recruits several heroes to work for him on clandestine missions. This team also included Quake, alongside several others including Phobos, the infant fear god. We saw Nick had more than the Avengers on Speed dial when he called Captain Marvel, perhaps he'll call on his Secret Warriors next.


Masters of Evil

The Masters of Evil are a more classical villain for the Avengers to deal with. While they certainly have the potential to do a lot of damage, they are decidedly less universe-shattering than Thanos. Though there have been numerous incarnation of this group, it is often led by Baron Zemo. Zemo already made a huge impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War.

His interference in foreign affairs prompted T'Challa to take a more active role on the world stage. With all the damage he did to Wakanda and the US via trying to brainwashed Bucky again, the last thing the Avengers need is for Zemo to assemble a team to supplement his evil.



The two major teams in the Marvel Cinematic Universe finally met during the events of Infinity War. Their first joint venture didn't exactly go to plan, however, as Star-Lord's emotions got the better of him. Regardless, the remaining members of each team will need to pull together to stop Thanos.

It's more than likely that once Thanos is seen to, cooperation between the teams will not cease. The Guardians of the Galaxy will no doubt return to the cosmos, but they should be able to call on the Avengers and vice versa. We may even see members swap teams, as in the comics both Tony Stark and Ant-Man have been Guardians.



Recently in the comics, the Avengers actually owned A.I.M. Billionaire Avenger and former New Mutant Sunspot simply bought the sinister organization and re-purposed them to use science for good. Unfortunately for the Avengers. Sunspot is yet to make an appearance in the MCU. Advanced Idea Mechanics has made an appearance however, headed by Aldrich Kilian.

While defeated by Iron Man and War Machine in Iron Man 2, A.I.M. traditionally replaces its head scientist when one falls. They've done everything from raising their own nation from a volcano to pulling Hyperion from a dying alternate dimension, so they could create all kinds of weird science problems for our heroes.



Sometimes, threats in the Marvel Universe require a more permanent solution. Though most superheroes don't deal in lethal methods, some feel they have no choice. The Punisher subscribes to the school of thought that a problem needs to be put down with a certain finality. One team that could aid the Avengers, but may not be condoned by them, is X-Force.

With the chance for mutants and their affiliate characters appearing in the MCU greater than ever, key members of X-Force become available. Deadpool, Cable, Colossus, Wolverine, Warpath and Archangel, who have appeared in films outside the MCU, could turn up to give the Avengers some deadly support.


The Cabal - Baddest Supervillain Teams

If Thanos manages to survive Endgame, he's going to need a new crew to run with. His Black Order were defeated one by one by the Avengers in Infinity War. Given how useful they were in helping him get the Infinity Stones, he likely knows the value of having powerful friends. This time, he may need to have a more subtle touch, as the Infinity Gauntlet plat likely wont work twice.

He may find himself aligned with the Cabal, helping to pull the strings to achieve his machinations. He led a version of the Cabal during Time Runs Out and Secret Wars, who he picks for his new group is anyone's guess, but with alumni of the group being the likes of Dr. Doom and Loki, the Avengers better hope he doesn't come back.



A version of the Secret Avengers already exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, albeit a scaled down version. apart from Steve Rogers' renegade Avengers, operating covertly since Captain America: Civil War, there is potential to make a real team out of the concept. In the comics universe, the Secret Avengers work alongside the Avengers proper.

They serve as a stealth and specialist branch, tackling anything from infiltration to cosmic scientific endeavors. They've been led by Hawkeye and Captain America before and boast an impressive roster including the likes of Beast, Valkyrie and Captain Britain. So, after Endgame, if either Steve or Clint survive, they could have their own team.


There have been plenty of rumors suggesting Secret Invasion might be taking place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whether these rumors have any truth is yet to be seen, but the appearance of Skrulls in Captain Marvel's upcoming film give a strong indication it is possible. If the Super Skrull unit that invades Earth during the comic arc turns up, the Avengers could be in for a world of hurt.

Whereas regular Skrulls can shapeshift and take the form of others, Super Skrulls are bio-engineered to mimic their powers. The original Super Skrull was modeled on the Fantastic Four. It's not enough that they mimic one power, they can be given multiple powers at once. Having the Avengers fight these amalgamations would make for some amazing visuals.


Cloak & Dagger

Cloak and Dagger are the newest editions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe via television series. Gaining their powers in an experiment gone wrong's explosion, the two teens have only just learned to harness their power as their first season ended. However, Cloak and Dagger was renewed for another season, so we're going to get more of the duo.

We know they are linked to the MCU at large because of their working alongside Detective Brigid O'Reilly. During the show, we're shown that O'Reilly is a former colleague and friend of Misty Knight. Cloak's teleportation power could help the Avengers immeasurably and Dagger's ability to view people's motivations and hopes could be utilized in understanding their foes better.


The Weapon X program has hands in so many aspects of the modern Marvel Universe. It is linked to a plethora of different superheroes from Captain America to Wolverine. Not only is it responsible for creating heroes, it is responsible for creating villains. The stories and characters that could be introduced via Weapon X are in abundance.

The issue with Weapon X, however, is that it is ultimately sinister. Throughout the history of the Marvel Comics Universe, Weapon X have sought to create living weapons, weapons they can control. Having them pop up in the MCU would raise all kinds of questions as to the true roots of Cap's Super Soldier Serum.


The Thunderbolts are a unique element in that they could both help or hinder the Avengers. In the spirit of positive thinking, however, let's assume this is an incarnation that would supplement the Avengers. A team made of rehabilitated or rehabilitating supervillains, the Thunderbolts may be what is needed for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Not only do they have ties to existing characters, being led by the likes of Hawkeye and Luke Cage before, they provide Marvel with more options. Oftentimes villains are introduced that the audience end up liking, Loki being one example. The Thunderbolts give the MCU a vehicle for giving popular villains alignment shifts, to assist the Avengers.


Annihilation wave

Thanos isn't the only horrifying villain out there in the cosmos. In an area known as the Negative Zone, there lurks a villain named Annihilus. Usually, Annihilus wouldn't have been a threat to anyone, until he stumbled upon the Cosmic Control Rod. With that, he was able to form a force so devastating, it almost ended the Marvel Universe.

This force is the Annihilation wave, a seemingly unending wave of bug-like creatures, who devour and destroy worlds as they swarm through space. Headed by Annihilus himself and his general, Ravenous, this force gave pause to some of the most powerful beings in the universe, Thanos included.


Gamora and the Original Infinity Watch

The Avengers might be able to stop Thanos, but they may not have a plan for the Infinity Stones. Who's to say they wont fall into the hands of another villain? We saw that the stones can be destroyed, as Wanda destroyed the Mind Stone in Infinity War. However, destroying the stones takes a great deal of power and effort.

Instead, the Avengers may entrust the stones to individuals capable of taking care of them. In the comics, the cosmic entity known as the Living Tribunal decreed that the stones should not be used in conjunction ever again. So avoid this, each stones was given to a member of a new team, to ensure this would never happen again. This team was known as the Infinity Watch, and we may see some form of it after Avengers: Endgame.



The hand have already caused a wealth of issues for the Defenders already in the MCU. Daredevil and Iron Fist have had the most trouble with them, with Elektra even being claimed by them. With such a powerful organization able to operate in New York, it's only a matter of time before they catch the attention of the Avengers.

To make matters worse, in the comics, The Hand have links to Hydra. If The Hand and the remnants of Hydra were to pool their influence and resources, they could take advantage of a battle-weary Avengers trying to keep Earth safe.


With the power of the Infinity Stones present in the universe, powerful artifacts and their misuse are evident. What the Marvel Cinematic Universe needs going forward is problem solvers, universal problem solvers. One team dedicated to fixing problems throughout the cosmos, is the Ultimates.

With Captain Marvel and Black Panther on their roster, the Ultimates are a cosmic task force. Their intellect, resources and understanding of the multiverse could be very important for the future of the MCU. These guys even managed to manipulate universal events to evolve Galactus to a life-giving form in the comics.


Stamping out Hydra is a near impossible task, as they always seem to return in some capacity. Perhaps the most startling return in regards to Hydra was the Red Skull in Infinity War. Though he was charged with protecting the Soul Stone, he no longer has to. With Thanos obtaining it, he's not got a lot on his plate now.

Perhaps the Skull will find his way back to a more physical existence, he's done it before in the comics. With his return, we would more than likely see a resurgence of Hydra in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Given how close they came to destabilizing the world in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Avengers will want to put a stop to that sharpish!

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