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Group Love: 15 Times Teammates Slept Together

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Group Love: 15 Times Teammates Slept Together

As a general rule of thumb, workplace romances are a bad idea. Despite what The Office might say, it’s more likely that Jim and Pam would have one or two awkward hookups and then never be able to look each other in the eyes again. Realistically, Leslie and Ben from Parks and Recreation would more than likely be fired once their relationship became public and The X-Files‘ Scully and Mulder wouldn’t have lasted a day after their first kiss. There’s just something about sterile group work and dynamic that doesn’t lend itself to intimate encounters. Not so in comic book land however, where intra-team hookups and revolving sexual relationships are the norm.

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Virtually every team has a promiscuous character, a naive character, an immature character, and a pair of characters who are so smoochy-woochy with each other that even readers get sickened by their constant PDA. All these types of characters make a powder keg of sexual friction which almost inevitably explodes in a semi-explicit panel of shadowed nudity and bed-sheet-covered hanky-panky. And as ill-advised as these actions are in such a context, they’re common enough to make a list out of them. As such, here are 15 times comic book teammates bumped uglies.


Superboy and Wonder Girl

For a good long while, Superboy, the half-human clone of Superman, and Wonder Girl, the daughter of Zeus, were the Teen Titans’ “it” couple. Their romance started when they were in Young Justice together, a team Wonder Girl initially joined solely due to her crush on Superboy. Superboy confessed his mutual affection at the end of the Young Justice comic run and the two graduate together into a new incarnation of the Teen Titans, which Wonder Girl eventually becomes the leader of.

It took until the prelude to Infinte Crisis for their relationship to become physical in the loft of the Kent barn. Romantic. Unfortunately, Superboy’s death in Infinite Crisis puts their relationship on hold until he can be revived — this is a comic book after all. After his resurrection, they restart their relationship and continue to get naughty in Titans Tower.


killer croc enchantress

Yes, you read that right. Killer Croc, Gotham’s cannibalistic sewer mutant, and Enchantress, the possessed witch, banged and continue to bang in the pages of Suicide Squad under DC’s “Rebirth” line. Their romance started when Croc saved Enchantress’s other half, June Moone, from being pulverized by General Zod. When she later questions his actions, Croc admits he doesn’t want to eat her, basically his version of hold a boombox over his head outside her window.

Their sex lives are jump started in issue #18 when, during a mind-controlled prison riot, a temporarily sane Harley Quinn finds the two naked and resting post-coitus in Croc’s waterlogged cell. Their relationship continues to this day and appears to be more than physical, with Croc even helping June get a graphics job through intimidation tactics.


Starfire and Arsenal

The New 52’s redesign of fan-favorite Starfire as a virtually unfeeling sexbot was about as bad an idea as you could get. A character most knew as a wide-eyed alien fish-out-of-water was now a promiscuous, jaded woman with no discernible goals or feelings. This made her a perfect inclusion for the disillusioned Outlaw team, consisting of her, the resurrected Red Hood, and Arsenal, the former Speedy.

Multiple times over the course of the comic title, Starfire plays her favorite game of hide the sausage with both her teammates. Nowhere is her new mindset more evident than in her reunion with Arsenal where she point blank asks him to sleep with her inside of 10 minutes of talking with him. When asked how Tameranians make love, Starfire merely states that “Love has nothing to do with it.”



The X-Men are known for their multiple in-team love sessions and Wolverine is legendary for being a living, walking aphrodisiac, so putting the two together was sure to lead to some midnight rocking at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Wolverine’s most notable love interest as part of the X-Men was Jean Grey, but his only serious relationship with any of them was surprisingly with fellow teacher Storm.

When the two of them ran Xavier’s School together following Storm’s divorce from Black Panther, they struck up a sincere romance. As two consenting, legal adults, it can only be assumed that their love inspired an aggressive cuddling session or two in the hallowed halls of Professor X’s academy. Given Wolverine’s poor history of keeping his romantic partners alive, it’s a wonder Storm would even entertain the notion of a relationship with him.


Deadshot and Knockout2

In a strange way, the intimate love between Scandal Savage and Knockout makes perfect sense. Both are hardened killers trained and created by persevering, immortal villains whose lives revolve around manipulation. Their touching romance carried over to the Secret Six series where they were the resident lovers on the team. This status hit a huge hiccup however when Scandal caught Knockout having amorous congress with fellow teammate Deadshot.

This revelation devastated both parties, with Scandal hurt that her love would cheat on her and Knockout being upset that she’d hurt Scandal. Turns out that Knockout’s upbringing on Apokolips hadn’t taught her the meaning of a monogamous relationship and had assumed sleeping with other people, including men, was kosher while she was with Scandal. Fortunately, the issue was resolved, the two lovebirds got back together, and Deadshot was chewed out by Catman of all people for his troubles.

10. ANGEL & X-23 (X-MEN)

Angel and X-23

To say the current X-Men cannon is confusing would be an understatement. Half of them are reverted to teenagers, most of them have been cloned at one time or another, some of them are in space, and more than a few of them are just wandering around the world on globe-trotting adventures that have little to nothing to do with the other X-Men.

Somehow, all this combined for a situation where Wolverine clone X-23 and a de-aged Angel to have a brief affair while they were both part of the X-Men. They were often seen engaging in quirky, air-born public displays of affection, but their relationship did not last long. Angel was deemed too overprotective and X-23 went off to find her fellow Wolverine clones and save them from abuse.


Hepzibah is sort of like what would happen if Stan Lee created Pepe Le Pew. She’s from a race of humanoids typically dominated by the Shi’ar empire. It was in their prison system that she first met Chris Summers, part-time X-Men producer. After a daring escape from the Shi’ar, Chris took the name Corsair and formed the Starjammers, a team of space pilots consisting of his fellow prisoners, including Hepzibah who quickly claimed Corsair for herself.

The two maintained a close relationship that weathered the reveal that Corsair’s children survived on Earth. When Corsair died, Hepzibah went off and had a few flings on Earth before he returned. Again, comic books. His resurrection immediately rekindled the relationship and despite all the crazy X-Men shenanigans they tend to get involved with, the two are still riding the bone train together.



With an organization as vast and expansive as the Green Lantern Corps, it’s no wonder that at least a few of its members would find time to rip’n’dip with one another. One example would be Katma Tui, a Lantern hailing from the same planet as long-time villain Sinestro, and John Stewart, Hal Jordan’s reluctant replacement as defender of sector 2814. They met as adversaries, with Katma having a bone to pick with Hal Jordan and taking her anger out on Stewart.

However, time heals all wounds and after years of training, fighting, and working together, the two fell in love and got like Marvin Gaye. Their happy union and marriage was brutally interrupted by death when Carol Ferris murdered Katma in her own kitchen. Though she’d be temporarily resurrected in the “Blackest Night” event, Katma Tui and John Stewart weren’t given the second chance at happiness others received.


Multiple Man and Siryn

Multiple Man has to mutant power to create duplicates of himself that, when re-absorbed, give him befuddling memories of what he hasn’t done. After a night of drinking, he mistakenly sleeps with two girls, Siryn and M, but can’t remember which one he had a pants-off dance-off with and which one got his duplicate.

Later, Siryn announces that she’s pregnant with Multiple Man’s kid and, despite his infidelity and various other lies he’s told, she’s decided to keep it. When their child is born however, he is immediately absorbed into Multiple Man’s body, proving once and for all that it was the duplicate who took Siryn to bed that night. The resulting breakdown from this revelation splits the team and sends both Siryn and Multiple Man into freefalls.


One’s a forward-thinking young woman more-or-less forced to become a superhero by her mother. The other’s a nudist nuclear man becoming more and more disillusioned by the second with the value of human life. Somehow, both thought it was a good idea to get together, breaking Dr. Manhattan’s previous relationship so the blue demi-god could crush buns with a woman half his age.

Their initial shared kiss on a rooftop patrol morphed into living together in a government base where Dr. Manhattan felt comfortable having his several-story-sized wang out 24/7. Though their relationship waned over the course of Watchmen with Spectre eventually bedding fellow teammate Nite-Owl, their love was a motivating force that kept Dr. Manhattan stable and was an vital aspect in making this graphic novel as iconic as it is.


guy gardner ice

In the early days of Justice League International, the magical nordic princess Ice and the least-liked Green Lantern Guy Gardner started hooking up. This evolved into dating and eventually Guy confessing his love for her in front of their entire team, the ultimate form of PDA. Unfortunately, Ice died at the hands of Overmaster and the romance was abruptly cut off for obvious reasons.

She was returned during the “Blackest Night” event and faced off with Gardner who held it against her when they reunited following her permanent resurrection because comic books. Though he eventually softened again, ironically after he started wearing a Red Lantern ring, Ice did not and Gardner’s most recent attempt to rekindle their love failed after it became clear he was putting too much at stake for their relationship.



Same X-Men, different Angel. Angel Salvadore, a girl with fully-functioning housefly wings, fell in love with her aptly-named teammate Beak after she kissed him on a dare. Deciding she liked what she tasted, she actively pursued Beak and their constant funny business soon resulted in Angel getting pregnant with an entire squad of mini-birdlings. They took one of Wolverine’s cottages as their own and tried to raise their kids in relative comfort while maintaining an active social and sex life.

After the depowering results of M-Day, both parents and five of their six kids lost their mutant gene and were able to live normal lives, but this wasn’t satisfying for Beak and Angel. Having tasted the superhero life, they couldn’t keep away and joined the New Warriors as Blackwing and Tempest.


nightwing starfire

The version of Starfire most familiar to fans is her initial incarnation in the second version of the Teen Titans, as a tortured alien princess trying to cut it on a new planet. It was here that she met the love of her life, Dick Grayson the then-Robin. As the two grew older, their mutual affection became clear and some time after Dick evolved into Nightwing, the two even planned to marry.

Their ceremony was interrupted by a corrupted Raven and was never resumed after the crisis was resolved, but even aside from marrying, there were several indication that the two had done the bedroom rodeo before. If further clarification was needed, she and Dick later got it on in the middle of an investigation, influenced by a demon spawn into giving into their lustful urges.


Hawkgirl Unmasking justice league

It might have been a cartoon and unable to show any actual shaboinking, but it was based on comics and c’mon, you know these two engaged in unhero-like conduct behind the scenes. In Bruce Timm’s DCAU, Hawkgirl and Green Lantern were the constant will-they-won’t-they couple of the Justice League who unfortunately got together in a formal relationship just before Hawkgirl’s alien brethren, including her fiance, invaded Earth and threw her loyalty into doubt.

Nevertheless, in the time between their first kiss and her betrayal, she became familiar enough with his apartment to know she liked the Chinese place up the street. If that weren’t damning enough evidence, once constant in the DCAU is that they have a son together in the future, a hero on the Justice League Unlimited team named Warhawk.


Often considered one of the great impossibilities in comic books, Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship was finally made cannon under DC’s New 52 era. One of the biggest changes made in the line was Superman and Wonder Woman being disengaged from their long-time human relations, Lois Lane and Steve Trevor respectively, and finding a romantic relationship in each other as members of the fledgling Justice League.

Fans were so pleased to see this particular ship sail that they got their own comic line together. Though their relationship experienced several ups and downs, specifically every single date they have being interrupted by one world-ending event or another, it lasted up until the death of the New 52 line and is even occasionally referenced in DC’s current Rebirth titles.

Are there any other teammates that got into sheets that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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