Team Zoom Offers Free Downloads in Lieu of 2nd Printing

Official Press Release

Palm Beach, Florida – Numerous sellouts across the nation have led the team behind the Zoom Suit comic book to offer the complete first issue online, free of charge. The online version has been reformatted to fit computer

screens and hi-tech devices.

"I don't want to do a second printing, but I do want fellow comic fans to be able to find and read Zoom Suit", said Zoom Suit creator John Taddeo. "This solution seems like a win-win because fans that want to read it can now do so for free, while collectors won't see their market diluted with second prints".

The web version of Zoom Suit #1 is available for download at www.superverse.com. This will be the only comic in the series available online.

Zoom Suit #1 was released April 26, 2006. Since the release the comic is sold out at all but the most heavily stocked outlets. Copies have sprung up on eBay.com at above cover price, and Zoom Suit variant editions have sold from 2 to 50 times the regular $2.95 cover price. Meanwhile, comic Shops have reordered over 5,000 copies of Zoom Suit #2.

"I've read every comic book I've ever owned, so I'm a reader first and foremost. However, collecting is also a fun aspect of the hobby and I want to recognize that aspect", said Taddeo. "It's fun when you're in on the ground floor and your comics rise in value. Collecting is an important part of our hobby."

Zoom Suit #1 received orders of over 20,000 copies by over 1,100 direct market comic shops. To date over 2,000 comic fans have joined the Zoom Suit fan club at www.superverse.com. Emails and calls from fans that could not find a copy led to the offer of the free downloadable versions.

While the online PDF is the exact version of the comic found in stores, the Zoom Suit "webisode" takes advantage of "screen size". Unlike many web comics which require scrolling or zooming, Zoom Suit was designed to fit the screen of many of today's high tech devices. The animated short is also available online.

The Zoom Suit animated short has appeared in over 80 National Film Festivals and has been screened to over 1,000,000 fans worldwide. The short film has won numerous awards and is in negotiation for an animated series and big budget feature film deal.

Zoom Suit #3 arrives in comic shops July 5th featuring covers by Bill Tucci and Billy Dallas Patton. A limited edition is also available featuring a cover by Bart Sears.

For more information please visit the Superverse website at www.superverse.com

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